Birth... Post?

Well, I can't really call this one a birth story... Since I wasn't there.

Yes, I missed my first birth ever. EVER!

I received the call to come at 9:09am. They knew I lived 1 hour from the hospital. Got my kids to the sitter, was on my way by 9:30. Received a second call at around 9:45ish saying she was 7cm.

I knew I was out of time. This mama has a history of 7-10 in .5 seconds. So, I continue on, knowing in my heart I was going to miss out and knew mama was flyin' to the finish. I drove in at 10:30am and was in their room by 10:40 (a hang up with where I was parking and the silly front desk people)... But, it wouldn't have mattered anyways - she had pushed her sweet gal out at 10:16am. From the time they called until the time baby was OUT was 1 hour 7 minutes.


Good for mama! Shame on doula! If only I could bend time and fold space to my will!


DoulaMomma said...

Oh - poor you...I know what you were feeling during that drive - your cortisol levels were probably off the charts!
Nothing you could have done. It has happened to me twice over the years/hundreds of births, very similar scenarios - they just didn't call until birth was so close because it happened so quickly...understanding it intellectually doesn't take away the feeling of shame though.
I have also caught 2 babies (really 3, but one was in the hospital & the doctor was in the room - I was just closest) because they also called so close to birth - literally walked in & caught the babies. I was recently taken to task by a new midwife/former doula for this - for keeping people home too long...but I didn't - I came when called to their house - no one saw it happening so fast - things turned on a dime.
This long post is my way of saying that birth usually happens the way it is supposed to, even if not the way it was planned. hugs ;-)

DoulaMomma said...

I forgot to say before that I think a lot of the work we do with women sometimes happens during pregnancy...almost like they get some of their labor out of the way before contractions even start. It seems like those are sometimes the fast ones.

and I hope I didn't sound laissez faire before - I do take it seriously, very...but know I can only come as soon as they call.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole, I gave you a blog award. Check out my blog to see it =)

Nicole D said...

hehe, no problem Doulamomma. I am just sorely disappointed to not have had the honor of being with her for her birthing time. :o(


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