How I and My OB Colleagues Swindle Patients...

This is probably one of the most infuriating, shocking and appalling articles that I have ever come across...
When the issue is childbirth, excuse me, patients are often nuts. Just witness the epidemic of home childbirths... - He says
Hmmm... the epidemic of homebirths? A measly 2-3% of women who choose home birth because of patriarchal $&%! like this, and it is an epidemic? We could only hope!

I cannot believe this man. I was stunned at how spot-on I was in my previous post. Yes, I knew I was right, but I didn't want to believe just how right I was.

Dr. Diastolic is an idiot. I'm sorry, but he is. He relates women's birth preferences and desiring their doctor's support to a woman with a kidney stone making her demands known... Not even close Dr. Diabotic... oops, did I say that?

If you notice, all of his comments surround him and his needs, his colleagues needs, etc... another OB even goes on to say, in his defense:
As a physician, I feel that if you and others demand perfection from me, I should be getting the same. So, next time I order a taco or go to the dry cleaners or get an oil change, I don't want to see any lettuce spilled over or oil on the floor, and no mechanic better touch the paint on my car. I wonder what your job is and what happens when you screw up, and how much time you put into educating yourself to get there, and how many hours you work a week, and how many of those are being woken up at night - oh, and I'm sure you're paid a lot, A LOT of money.
So, next time you are told to stay overtime for free for a few more hours on a friday night, or get called in on Sunday morning while you're in the park with your kids, I'm sure you'll be joyously dropping everything to take care of whatever your boss forgot to do during the work week.
Anyways, we don't need your advice. If you don't like the service, why don't you drop your 9 - 5 job and become a doctor, and fix your own damn problems.
Then later, he says he demands perfection from himself, other doctors, and his patients... well then, therein lies his problem - when you try to control something, something perfectly natural and normal can become imperfect.

In addition, if you work on a labor and delivery floor, you signed up for odd-hours, on-call status, and 12-hour shifts. That is part of the whole kit and caboodle. They signed up for this, they knew it when they did, but they don't want to, so they attempt to manipulate women so that they can go home. Hello... they work for us! Our $$ is paying them for this inconvenience and renting out a hospital room. What is their problem?!

Interesting, I am not sure if anyone bothered to check on his profile, but his clinical specialty is Anesthesiology. Oh, it's all so much clearer now!

On a happier note, I do so love the article linked by one of the repliers... be sure to read it to bring your boiling blood down a notch!


Jill said...

"Anyways, we don't need your advice. If you don't like the service, why don't you drop your 9 - 5 job and become a doctor, and fix your own damn problems."

And yet they are INFURIATED when someone seeks midwifery care - or better yet - has an unassisted birth. Hey, I thought you didn't need us! Make up your damn minds!

Jill said...

I just went and read that article - BRILLS! I love it! And from the mouth of a doctor no less! It does suck to hear that other countries are having the same crappy maternity care as the U.S., though. Too bad the medical community in general just ignores the WHO.

DoulaMomma said...

What an ass...this attitude in care providers is disgusting (yes - I suppose as an anesthesiologist he prefers people asleep & unable to express their needs) - time for him to find a new line of work - maybe in used care sales.

twoluvcats said...

WOW...I have felt for a while that most Drs have contempt for their patients and this proves it.

So sad!

Corinne said...

Hmmm, strangely familiar. Only two weeks ago my OB told me that he needed to induce the next day because he 'needed his weekend free'. Moron. Of course, you know I got my way in the end, lol!

Nicole D said...

hehe, why yes you did Corinne!


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