Friendly Emails from Midwives and Codes of Ethics

Hi Nicole,

My name is ****, I am a CNM at ******. We are an independent Midwifery Clinic and deliver at ******. Dr. Judd has backed this clinic for years. And everything you're reading is true, he uses tons of Forceps and I was shocked as well and don't always agree with it, but what I can tell you he is very safe. I've never seen forceps used where a Dr. can actually keep the perineum intact while doing it. The nice thing is, He lets us be more natural with our patients and only helps us when we absolutely need him. I agree it is shocking to see the sign in his office, he just prefers these patients see a Midwife. What people need to know is that he is safe, and he has the lowest C-section rate I have ever seen in an MD. If you need his percentage I can get you that. I think it is important that people know he is safe. Of course, I prefer Midwives and I imagine you do too. Spread the word for Midwifery. If you have any more questions, let me know.
I received this nice email in response to my previous post (shared by permission). I am looking forward to seeing the percentages from my newly acquired midwife-friend and enjoy that we can have this dialogue.

On another note, I have been active in a BirthWorkers workshop that is held monthly. We are instructed by a CPM as childbirth professionals who either ARE or WILL BE pursuing midwifery in the near future. The last meetings were on Code of Ethics... The next series of meetings will be on anatomy and physiology. As we were working on Codes of Ethics, I did a little research and pulled up both MANA and ACOGs CoEs...

It is interesting if you read them as a comparison.


Happy reading!


Knitted in the Womb said...

Well...I'll say that I'm still less than impressed with the OB response.

Because what I can see happening is not that "these patients" will see a midwife...it is that impressionable first time moms will see the sign and think "OH! I guess doulas and the Bradley Method are a bad thing. So I'm not even going to consider those!"


Sarah said...

Ok, so I know this is an old post and you may not see this comment but did you ever get an answer to what Dr.Judd's c-section rate was? I am really curious because I believe a midwife from the same group (there is only one independent group in this area) recommended Dr.Judd's current partner to me (there is no more Aspen Women's Care). She said that he was a midwife in disguise and since I am high risk I have very limited options of who will see me in this area. It's just Dr.Judd and his new partner now and while I will likely be able to see his partner for most if not all of my apointmens, I have no guarantee of who will deliver my baby. This makes me nervous but I have had bad experiences with other groups and have heard bad things about others, if you want to have as natural a birth as possible in the hospital.
I was successful in doing this with my last birth but he was born at 31 weeks and the doctor I was seeing is a family practice doctor and will not see me anymore because I am too high risk (I have had 2 premature infants due to PPROM).


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