Abby Epstein and Baby #2

Abby (Ricki's co-producer for the BOBB) is working on baby #2 and hoping for a VBAC. See here for her first blog post on this pregnancy.

Also - so completely loving this new youtube video.

Listen to the voice of the man instructing the birth attendant in the background.


Anonymous said...

i couldn't hear his voice very well. transcript? (or was he the one moaning along with mom)

my almost 3yr old has been watching birth videos with me lately - in preparation for his baby sister's birth.
i only show him gentle videos (otherwise i put them on mute)

He watched this one with me, and after the baby was born he commented "they're helpin' the baby.."
we haven't seen a lot of videos where baby was floppy and needed some "help"... so it's amazing to me how perceptive he is.
i'm assuming with some help this baby perked up.
but it was a lovely video. the dad was great support. =)

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, my heart was in my throat! I felt that MW counting every second and finding it really hard to keep hands off. And I would have loved to have heard a baby's cry or some movement/tone before the end of the video, or some comment by the poster about the baby's apgars. I'm in awe of the birth environment and the strength of the mother, and what a confident dad. I thought surely there was a Dr in the room behind the camera telling the MW to not pull on the baby - but then only later I realized that had been the DAD.


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