Watching Birth Pt. 2

On the near-heels of my previous post, here is a collection of videos I recently found online that all have something unique to offer educationally.

A super-multipara has her 8th baby, first unmedicated birth ... showing its never too late to have a natural birth.

A woman is surrounded by her family, gives birth at home.

Homebirth on a budget, getting creative :)

This is an awesome birth showing a strong close-up of crowning and external fetal rotation, not to mention a supportive birth team with an absolute hands-off approach, followed up by a breech birth (twins)

Labor in a pool, birth in a shallow tub. Great example of dive and resurface for pain management... something many physical therapists use in water therapy.

Beautiful example of squatting to birth, following bodies cue to push, external fetal rotation, and a nuchal hand.

Feel free to share your favorite videos as well...


Laura McIntyre said...

Oh those make me shiver in the best of ways.

Only my last (3rd) was a completely natural birth - home water birth and almost a year on i still think about it constantly . Its such an amazing , wonderful feeling

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that the hands off birth had an almost hands off breech twin afterward

andi said...

those were great! thanks for posting these :) the external rotation is so interesting to watch. i remember feeling it with both of mine, but couldn't see it.

the only part i cringed at was the breech birth. i wish they could have been as hands off with that one, too!

Nicole D said...

Anon - lol honestly, one of the kids pulled me away from the computer and I missed the last of the video. :)

Laura said...

That twin birth was amazing! A footling breach no less!

I have to say though, I would have KILLED the OB and the nurses in the super-multip video. LOL! I'm not a big fan of all that loud talking and carrying on when I'm concentrating or in pain.

Thanks for these great videos. Awesome.


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