CPD - an American Error-ridden Epidemic

OK - I stumbled upon this video and have to say that it is definitely one of my new favorites.

This video shows how very faulty and error filled diagnosis' of CPD are in obstetrical circles. women have been led to believe, over and over, that evolution or diet or lifestyle has made humankind grow bigger babies and smaller pelvis'. When it is simply not true. Enjoy!


AmbyUK said...

Darn, the video is no longer available. You don't have another link do you?

AmbyUK said...

Nevermind, it works now!

kris said...

i was just reading about this and just talking to an expecting mom who is half way convinced that b/c she has big babies she has to have a c-section. i was telling her about asymetrical positioning..

btw- i luv it when you get on soap boxes;)

Anonymous said...

its important to realize that it IS possible for women to be 'too small' to deliver because of something like diet. this is one of the reasons that we see fistulas happening in countries like ethiopia... women who work very hard from the time they are young and dont receive adequate nutrition have stunted growth... they are in labor for days and have trouble delivering a baby that doesnt easily fit through her pelvis... fistula results. very sad. just the other side of the story.

Nicole D said...

Hi Anon -

I agree that there ARE times when it is possible,and ESPECIALLY in third-world countries. But the problem I have, and the point of this post, is that CPD is a 'go to' excuse for too many women in the US who received unnecessary cesareans.


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