Today is International Women's Day 2010. I wanted to take this moment to thank all the beautiful and strong women in my life: mentors, my mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother, my friends, and so many more.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all of the beautiful pregnant women that I have had the honor of meeting, knowing, and working with.

There are so many different concepts of what true beauty is.

For me, beauty is fertility, life, love, trust, fullness, and expectancy - beauty is the pregnant form.

Here are some other interpretations of beauty in the pregnant form:

LeeAnn Alexander
Gunther von Hagens
Sekti Artanegara
Ron Mueck
Ron Mueck
Rein Nomm

Nooshin Zarnani
Kazuya Akimoto
Imogen Cunningham 1959
Gustav Klimt
Geo Geller
Christophe VorletAnith Kapoor
Alexia Lounds
Al Farrow

Thank you, every woman who has ever inspired, challenged, taught, humbled, elated, surprised, or loved me!


...love Maegan said...

awe, this is beautiful!

Jessica said...

I love this collection of images! Thank you for sharing, really beautiful and an excellent way to celebrate the day. Thank you.

Hunter Clarke-Fields said...

Thanks for the diverse collection of images! As a painter and (as of a week ago) a mother of two, I thought that you might enjoy this link to work that was inspired by my experience with pregnancy: http://www.hunterartist.com/index.php?/gallery/art/1/25


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