Baby Wearer? GASP!

I am sure you have heard about the recall on Infantino Slings because of reported infant deaths.

If you haven't, be prepared and FULLY educated regarding this recall. I have already received a great many phone calls and emails about the bane of baby wearing and other 'dangerous' attachment parenting practices. The thing is, the media reports are (whether intentionally or not) minimizing the fact that these are a specific brand of sling, not all slings.

There is a great blog post from Undercover Mama that I encourage you to read:
Brace yourselves, babywearing parents.
If we thought we got inquiring looks for slinging our babies before, I'm sure we're in for a firestorm of more than just curious glances now that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is preparing to issue a warning to parents about infants having suffocated in popular slings sold at our local Target. And it might not be such a bad thing.

I want the conversations to begin flowing when I'm wearing my babes mostly because my heart weeps for the parents who lost their little ones while trying to wear their babies close to them. It's terribly heartbreaking that these moms and dads wanted to love and protect their babes by wearing them, and just the opposite happened when their precious little ones suffocated while being worn.

So this warning is important. Yes, it's so very vital, not only because slings that are being marketing are responsible for death but also because this warning will further thrust babywearing into the spotlight. And though I'm praying that the warning will clearly explain and define why the types of slings that have caused these terribly tragic deaths are dangerous, I, for one, am not willing to leave any of the babywearing education to a government safety commission. - The Real Deal on Safety
I'm sure many people either didn't hear about the danger of using your babies car seat as either a baby carrier or a bed.

I am worried that, rather than learn SAFE baby wearing, women will revert to detachment parenting again, leaving their children in car seats for extended periods of time beyond the car rides for safeties sake.

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I rarely find anyone else who even knows about the Brewer Diet let alone advocates for it! How awesome!


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