I apologize for being MIA lately. I have been busy busy busy.

Here are some recent pictures for your viewing pleasure, until I can get my brain to better connect with my fingers again.

Charis and Jocelyn, hamming it up at Ed Debevic's.

My lover and friend, a man after my own heart, slinging my little guy! Ahh, my heart could not be more full!

Charis being a princess! What a beautiful moment!

This is my favorite picture ever of Kairi. She is really growing into a young lady, full of vibrant life and compassion! My cup runneth over. :o)

Xander is now walking and mimicking sounds, hoping to make complete words. He is growing into a little person more every day. Here he escapes from me down a tunnel at the park.

The four feminine Deelah minis.

Hauntingly beautiful. Bri is such a little lady. Maturing into a delightful and kind-hearted young woman.

1 comment:

kris said...

you have such a beautiful family:) my hubby loved our slings too. so did i, i keep trying to give them away, but haven't found anyone who likes them:( (beyond my understanding)


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