“catcher catch her”.. see her standing in the middle of the wood
see her running, blazing, shining, in white shroud and hood
ethereal light sifts through the trees as to her eyes I gaze
tunnels, paths, and hallways fleet in her soul a maze
and at a lake she stopped and stood, a regal lady fair
and slowly, oh so slowly, felt a change in evenings air.
Cross the lake there stood a man in darker garment still
With raven hair and midnight eyes “catch her will, a will”
And on the mist they crossed the lake till meet ‘tween face to face
And hurried, yet so gently came a passionate embrace
But as I see thus such a sight another scene yet fall
From their breasts there came a silver and a golden ball
The first sphere fell to kiss the waves the latter rose above
Then the dark man changed into an owl, the lady white, a dove
The silver orb drift’ to the north, the golden to the east
Then dawn and dusk, they flew away, the woods again at peace.


kris said...

beautiful! thanx for your thoughts today;)

kris said...

if you're interested, i have tagged you (!)

and ellie has written a post at her place about the freebirthing issue if you wanted to continue the discussion some more...

Nicole D said...

thank you!


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