To A First Time Mother

Relax my dear.
Your little elf
Is just an amateur himself.
So if your hands, so newly filled
With tasks, seem somewhat
less than skilled.
Relax I say.
This little pinkling
Doesn’t have the slightest inkling
That you are new to baby lore.
He never had a mom before!

Helen Rittell


gaila said...

Hi! My Mom is Helen Rittell & her poem "To A First-time Mother" appeared in Saturday Evening Post magazine. She would be delighted to know her verse lives on more than 50 years after it was published, but would want her name to be spelled correctly. There are two "l's" in Rittell. Thanks. Gail Rittell Ahern.

Nicole D said...

Thank you so much for the correction! :)


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