Those Rainy Mornings

Oh how I love mornings like this...

Waking up from a great night's sleep a few minutes before the alarm, I heard rain pitter-pattering on the window. Knowing, as mother's often do, that Xander would be waking soon for a morning snack, I lay as still as possible and watched my husband sleep beside me.

When Xander, in his nearby bassinette, began to stir, I brought him into bed with us, at Calvin's insistance, and, with my back to Calvin, his arms encircling me, Xander's warm body against my chest, and the rain bathing the world outside our window, I revelled in the perfection of the moment.

God gives us moments when He wraps us in His arms, this morning was one of them.

The soft sounds of a contented infant, the deep breathing of a contented lover, and the comforting sounds of a life-giving shower... reminders of God's love and blessings. While you walk through today, try to find 'the moment' and revel in it, even for just that moment - because it will pass too soon.

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