The Beauty of a Mother

Walking around a store the other day, I happened upon a woman and her daughter. The mom was pretty, but the little 7 year old was the picture of cherubic beauty. While they were in the dressing room, and I in an adjoining one, I heard the little girl say, "Momma why do you have silver lines on your belly?"

I could only assume that she was talking about stretch marks. I began to try to 'overhear' a little more intently...

There was a short pause, then you could hear the mom say, "You know how daddy gave mommy that bracelet for my birthday? And daddy gave mommy a ring for her wedding? Well, Honey, when a woman carries a baby in her body, sometimes the baby gives the mommy a pretty present too. She gives her silver lines to carry forever to thank her for carrying her. You gave me this silver. It reminds me how happy I was to carry you and how happy you were to be carried."

There was another long pause, then the little girl said, "Momma, your silver is sooo pretty. I hope my baby gives me some when I am a mommy."

The beauty of a mother!

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Eve said...

what a wonderful story. It makes me smile.

I will tell it every mother that is unhappy about her stretchmarks.

Unfortunatly I dont have children yet, but I love your blog.


best regards from germany



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