5 Reasons You Don't Need a Doula

You hear me tell you a lot about why a doula is a great choice in any birthing setting... what I haven't told you in awhile is why you don't need a doula. Let me take this opportunity to do just that. This isn't a long post. It's short and concise - as truth often is - and without explanation. So here you have it. 5 reasons why you don't need a doula:

  1. You are strong. You are. You don't need a high pain tolerance or be a marathon runner to be strong, you only need a uterus and a humble respect for it. 
  2.  You are capable. You are. Your mind is sound and your body is able, the last part of that equation is to allow those two things permission to do what they need to to give birth. 
  3. Your body contains ancient and primal wisdom. Cellular memory, your mother's mother's mother's mother's birthing wisdom and knowledge, they are coursing through every fiber of you.
  4. Your body contains immeasurable power. Only a female body can create, grow, and birth. 
  5. You have everything you need within you. Tap into that innate wisdom, power, trust, honor, respect, and knowledge. 
This is your birth. 


Jessie Wittman said...

Thanks for this! I'm approaching my second vbac and always wonder if I'd feel more empowered if I had a doula, but we can't afford one. It's good to be reminded that my amazing body CAN do this. (I have a wonderful midwife-led unit to give birth in as well as a great husband, so in some respects I do have good external support).

Clara Longo said...

I appreciate this....the way I birth, I'm not a fan of anyone but my husband there...I shoo away all mothers and nurses. But it seems like a lot of people think you can't have a natural both without one. While it may be lovely for some women, you won't "fail" without one!


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