Business of Being Born - Classroom Edition - Review

I am so happy to be able to review the Business of Being Born, classroom edition. There is so much great information in this series, and it has continued to be a great source of encouragement and informing, now specifically for the birth professionals use!

In the BOBB classroom edition, they have included online resources, discussion points, quizzes, and the series "Birth By The Numbers". This particular installement of the BOBB series is a wonderful addition to any birth workers library.

I look forward to using it with the UTMB nursing students that I come in contact with, as they would miss most of the questions in their 'pre viewing' quiz, surprisingly.

The discussion points used for the classroom edition help to draw groups into community and discussion by providing questions intended to help students think critically and personally about the information they are being presented with.

 And, in the event you have never seen "Birth By The Numbers" that alone is a great film that every birth worker themselves should see and know.

I am honored to have had the chance to review this installment of BOBB and look forward to getting feedback from my clients and students about it as well.

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