Joy in the Journey

We had been talking off and on for a few days as your early labor came and went. When you called me the second day and asked that I come over to see how you were doing, you were all in good spirits, your husband, you, and your mom were all watching comedy shows on TV.

You were in front of the TV leaning over your ball, 'tuning out' during contractions and conversing easily between them. When you called me to you, they were close, around 3 minutes apart and 60 seconds long. When I arrived, they spaced easily to 5-8 minutes apart and 45 seconds long. Baby seemed in an ROA position, and you acted about 3-4cm. You sent me on my way and continued to do your work with your mom and husband.

After a fitful night's rest, a bath, and a light breakfast, things began picking up and you soon called me back to you. At check in, you were moving right along. Your husband kept the mood light and offered strong support, and gentle comedic relief. He encouraged you when things became tough and offered a strong body to lean against when you felt you were wavering.

I offered encouraging words and light counterpressure, but you were a woman working in her own space, and we only truly needed to hold it for you. Your husband spoke words of Truth over you as you transitioned and soon, it was time to meet your baby face to face.

When you brought your child out of your body and onto your chest, you fell back in exhaustion and relief, a smile on your face. You had accomplished that which you set out to do - a birth journey filled with peace and joy. Truly, you had found joy in the journey. Congratulations family J!

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