Dancing For Birth - Review

Dancing for Birth is an innovative pregnancy and postpartum exercise and labor preparation DVD.

From their website:
Dancing For Birth TM prenatal/postpartum dance classes incorporate dance moves from around the world that best prepare you to give birth. Birth can be like a marathon, and Dancing for BirthTM classes prepare you for the challenge. You'll become stronger, more agile, more at ease with your body and both mentally and physically ready to embrace your unique birth experience. 

Weekly classes are offered to keep you dancing thru pregnancy, and postpartum with your baby. Dancing for BirthTM prenatal/postpartum dance class participants report experiencing low levels of discomfort, few or no interventions, brief labors and high levels of satisfaction during their births. 

You'll learn birth dancing moves inspired by Belly dance, African dance, Latin dance and Caribbean dance. At the same time you'll be learning valuable childbirth preparation skills and natural pain coping techniques that will build your confidence in your own birthing ability and wisdom. Birth can be active, ecstatic, orgasmic, transformative, empowering! Did you know that there is an optimal position for your baby to be in when labor begins, and you can help assure that position? You'll gain knowledge to help you have the birth that you envision for your baby. 

Babies whose moms take Dancing for BirthTM prenatal/postpartum dance classes love the motion of dancing and are easily soothed after birth by being held while you dance.
I received my copy of Dance for Birth in the mail and immediately popped it into my DVD player.

I have to admit, I didn't watch it in order, I skipped around a lot. But I loved it.

There are many segments, of course, on dance and movement, but there is so much more to this DVD as well. This doesn't surprise me, given the founder's background!

Stephanie Larson, DFB, CD(DONA), CBE, BFA, is a former professional dancer with three decades of dance training and experience and the creative genius behind Dancing For Birth. She has been a DONA International certified birth doula since 2000, and was the Managing Editor of DONA's International Doula magazine from 2005-2007. 

Within the DVD, she has a marvelous segment on Birth Wisdom vs. Myths. This is a wonderful tool for women who are battling what society tells us versus what our innate wisdom and bodies are telling us. My second favorite part is her Relaxation segment. She incorporates affirmations, how to personalize affirmations, and how to create a positive body and mind space for all things pregnancy and birth related.

The dance segments are broken down into Warm Ups, Belly Dance 1 and 2, Baby Welcoming Dance, African Dance, Latin Dance, Caribbean Dance, and the Pelvic Floor. Throughout all of the birth dance exercises, I was struck by one profound thought: globally, we have the movements already integrated into our culture and dance movements for both baby making and baby birthing. It was beautiful to watch the womb-movements through different dance styles; as a doula, I had seen so many women intuitively use these same movements to bring their babies into the world.

I am so excited to be able to add this to my lending library as a resource for women during their pregnancies.

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Movement is such a vital part of our lives, incorporating it within our birthing process is an intuitive part of our essence.
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