Mrs. Patel's Milk Makers

As it usually does, new, delicious discoveries fall into my hands (or inbox)... a friend of a friend recommends... and voila! I have a new favorite!

A prior client emailed me and told me all about her friend's family member's business... you know, everyday conversation... and with that, I was in contact with Mrs. Patel's Milk Makers.

Mrs. Patel's Milk Makers are Indian Ayurvedic-based lactation and postpartum treats that are simply delish! Mrs. Patel’s Milk Makers offers three products: Fenugreek Bars, Munch Crunch and Milk Water Tea. Based on the tenets of Ayurveda (a system of traditional medicine native to India), their ingredients have been used by nursing mothers in India for thousands of years.

When I received the packages (a sampling of each product) by mail, I was ecstatic to review them. I found Kimberly*, a new mama I was working with, who was anticipating returning to work, and we decided to try them out together. 

The Fenugreek Bar was nutty and rich tasting, bittersweet and, when chilled in the fridge, a nice little 'nibble treat'. I was surprised, to be honest, at how good it actually tasted! And, on top of that, it was there to help with lactation!

The Munch Crunch was even better. The flavor was, again, bitter and nutty, but was also very crunchy and earthy. I could easily see myself taking a teaspoon for a snack, not just for lactation support.

The only item I didn't get to try was the Milk Water Tea, but I was assured by Kimberly that, as long as she added a little teaspoon of honey for sweetness, it was the perfect sipping tea while reading a good book or while nursing in the rocker.

Long review short, Kimberly had, until then, battled with a slowly diminishing milk supply. Once she started using Mrs. Patel's Milk Makers, her milk supply plateaued, then started increasing. I'm a convert!

In comparison to other galactogogues, these were a nutritious, tasty treat, not a bitter, daily supplement. I love having this new product to offer breastfeeding mamas. Kimberly had such a great experience, I look forward to hearing more success stories like hers!

* name changed to protect identity.


Kelly said...

I am going to order some of these for sure! Thanks for sharing.

Anhoni Patel said...

Thanks for the great review! I am so happy both you and Kimberly enjoyed our treats and tea! Nothing is better than hearing about mamas having their milk supplies increase. Happy nursing!

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