Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born

S. Marie Olson, "Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born"
I was so delighted to get my copy of "Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born" in the mail. Toni Olson (author) and S. Marie Carlson did a phenomenal job with this book and it has become my new go-to for young children awaiting the home birth of their new sibling. It is a beautifully written and illustrated book about a young girl and her mom, talking about their families recent homebirth.

The story is engaging and I asked each of my 5 children, to give me their feedback on the book.

Xander, 5 years old: "I love the pictures. My favorite part is when the baby comes out into the pool. Look! She has a ball just like you! They look a lot like our family, but we have a lot more kids."

Charis and Jocelyn, 8 years old: "We loved when Max was born. It made me feel sweet and happy inside. I liked the story because it was so sweet, and when Max was first born and I could see his face he was so cute. Presleigh is cute, she's like me, and she's careful with her brother Max, which is nice, but does she actually have pink hair? I like her hair."

Kairi, 9 years old: "My favorite part is when Max is born. I liked how the doula brought in tea and how Presleigh kissed her brother's forehead. I did that when my brother was born! I also like that she got to hold her brother so soon after birth. It should always be that way. The story made me feel really relaxed, who wouldn't love a bath at home for birth... having people there to comfort you.. but not too many people. Oh, and candles. Don't forget the candles!" 

Briaunna, 12 years old: "My favorite part of the book is when Max is born because it reminds me of when Xander born. I loved how the illustrator put the colors in people's hair, it was so pretty, everyone looked happy and relaxed, not frustrated or uptight. I love how it's a homebirth. I plan on having a homebirth when I grow up and this is how I want my birth to be. I love the detail of the story and pictures, I could feel myself being a part of their birth. I felt like there were a lot of people in the room, I think that might bother me, and I think I would have wanted to stay and watch the baby be born if I were Presleigh, but I understand that mama was totally comfortable with that and this is her birth journey.. I guess that is what makes each of our stories OUR stories. I can also totally relate to the little girl asking, again, to hear about her brother's birth, because I always ask that of you!"

Beyond my children's critiques, I loved the little details of the book, on any given page you can find minute details that make it all the more personal and intimate, drawing you into the every day, once in a lifetime moments that define a birthing day; like Presleigh 'nursing' her teddy bear while daddy and nana fill the birth pool.

It was so simple, straightforward, and sweet, just like a home birth is. You get to meet Presleigh, her Mom, Dad, Nana, Doula, Midwives, and, of course, Max, through a touching look at Mama's retelling of her birthing time. I will definitely be recommending this book to families that are anticipating their older children to be a part of their birthing time.

I am super excited to announce that Toni will also be releasing an attached parenting book later this month entitled "Mama, Talk About Our New Baby". I can't wait to review this one as well! It will be a great teaching aid for mainstream children and alternative option families alike!

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Single Mama to 2 said...

Thank you--and your children--for the honest and supportive comments! This was the most fun review to read--you all had such great observations!


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