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My clients and peers, mentors and mamas, have all taught me so much over the years. I  have come away from every single birth, not only hoping to have made a difference in their experience and life, but also searching for what that particular experience has taught me... either for the future families I would support, or for myself personally.

During this season, we all will get gifts, receive well wishes, and watch our loved ones open presents that we have chosen for them with all of the love and care we can wrap into a little box.

I wish I were able to give something to all of my lovely readers, clients, mamas, peers, and mentors, but that would be impossible.

So, instead, I want to gift something to a postpartum mama, a birth worker, and an expecting mama!

Perhaps you are a mama who could benefit from these gifts, or perhaps you are a birth worker who wants to gift it forward to a client you are working with... whatever the case, be sure to read the rules for entering at the end of this post! :)

Expecting Mama
For the mama expecting her baby, I am gifting something from my own doula library. I am giving away a copy of Mothering the Mother, an awesome back-issue of Mothering, and a plethora of samples and handouts that I normally give to the women that I work with.

Mothering the Mother is an awesome book that gives wonderful advice and information on supporting a woman in labor, how a partner can help, and how a doula can benefit the experience. There are great photos of positive laboring positions, how a father can best support the laboring woman, and what to look for postpartum.

The issue of Mothering is the special  pregnancy edition from 2008 and has great information on home birth, Eco-friendly baby showers, breastfeeding, pampering mom, bed-sharing, co-sleeping, and childbirth education.

The fillers will include badger baby balm, belly lotion, nipple cream, educational handouts, and so much more!

Postpartum Mama
For the mama who has already birthed her baby, I am gifting an Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Gift Set. The postpartum gift set includes Monthly Comfort Tea, postpartum bath herbs, Happy Bottom Spray, New Mama Bottom Spray, and Herbal Bottom Balm.

And as an added bonus, I am offering a copy of Arms Wide Open! Patsy wants to give a book away, and I have to say that I am thrilled! I wrote a review here, and cannot recommend this book enough. I would LOVE to see this book get into the hands of a doula, doula-in-training, childbirth educator, or midwife. So, if you fit that description, or if you are a mama who wants to gift it forward to your favorite birth worker, perhaps you can enter to win it for them!

 Since this is a season of gift-giving, I want to hear back from you, my readers, while also encouraging you to gift your friends/family/clients with information and advocacy.
  • Search my blog and find an/the article that you love
  • Share it on your Facebook so your friends and family can read it
  • Come back here and, in the comments, share the link to where you posted the above, as well as which prize you are entering to win (be sure there is an email attached to your submission so I can reach you if you win). 
It's that easy!

At midnight on Christmas Eve morning, entries will be closed. Christmas Eve morning I will post the winners. :) You will have until New Year's Morning to get back to me with your mailing address (or the address of the person you are gifting the prize to), although I will ship them as soon as I get the go-ahead! Merry Christmas!!


springolife said...

I ALWAYS share your articles, people even send me articles from your blog! So here was one today http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592475342

I loved The Blue Cotton Gown and would be thrilled to get a copy of Arms Wide Open! doula at birthspring dot com

Enjoy Birth said...

I love sharing your articles too. I shared your faith and birth on my Facebook page. I am not sure how to show you where I posted it, but you can see it here right now. http://www.facebook.com/EnjoyBirth

I am a birth worker and would love the book!

Tim and Shannon said...

This blog has been really great for me! Thank you for sharing information and details of your professional work. I am a birthworker and a mom and have been wanting to read the "Arms Wide Open" book! It would be lovely to win a copy. I posted an article you wrote about the postpartum period on my facebook. Not sure exactly how to post a link - but here's what I've got for you: https://www.facebook.com/shannon.bacus

4evergreenmama said...

I just stumbled onto your website and I love it! I am training to be a doula and found so many of your articles interesting and can't wait to share more of them! I shared "The FDA decided to have a pool party" article, in hopes maybe one of my friends can help grandfather birthing pools in.

I am also a new mom and would love to win the postpardum mama goodness!



Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole, I posted what not to read on my FB ;)
I hope to win the Earth Mama Angel Baby, post partum set.

I've already Got the book ;)


Have a very Merry Christmas!

heidelade said...

I'm still slowly reading my way through your blog but I shared a Thoughtful Thursday post on my doula FB page: https://www.facebook.com/betterbirthdoula

I'm a birth worker and I would love Arms Wide Open for my lending library, but I would equally love the postpartum set. I'm working with two postpartum moms right now and I would love to give them a little something to pamper themselves. I'm hthaden at gmail dot com.

Aubrey Williams said...

I am a birth/post partum doula in training. I am entering to win the book.

I posted this link:


to my doula page


I chose it because it was not only helpful to me, but it was written and posted on my birthday :)

Thanks for the giveaway!


Kalie said...

I love reading ALL your posts! I share most of the articles on my page or others. :)



Entering for the "Arms Wide Open" book. It would be great to win a copy yo read, and also loan to family, friends, and clients.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!!

Kristi said...

I really love your Induction, Encouragement, Eviction post. It is so informative. I share it all the time and I have a link on my blog that I leave up all the time and I also just shared it on my facebook page.

Here is the link on my blog: http://keendoula.blogspot.com/p/recommended-reading.html

I am a doula in training. Keendoula at yahoo dot com. I'd love to win any of those gifts, but the most appropriate for me right now would be the doula gift. Thanks for doing this!


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