Women Who Choose a Doula

I have often been asked what type of women choose a doula... Truth be told, I have seen all types of women choose a doula.

The definition of what a doula provides, constant companionship, continuity of care, emotional, physical, and mental relaxation and support, and the knowledge of natural normal birth and how to assist the process all equate to an invaluable service that every walk of woman deserves and most find that they want.

Some of the women that I have helped:
  • The 40 year old woman who has already given birth 4 times. She is an author and wife of her high school sweet heart - the epitome of suburban housewife. For her 5th baby, a surprise, she wanted something different, a natural birth. 
  • The photographer who was also expecting her first babies, yep, twins. Although she opted for a surgical birth, she wanted to make it the best choice possible and wanted her husband, a banker, to be able to not have to worry about whether he would get the birth on film or not. 
  • The single, modern hippy. 24 years old, recently graduated, and an elementary school teacher. She is a vegetarian, completely inked out, and looking into a birth center birth. She plans on being supported by her closest friend and mentor from church.
  • A husband and wife team who also both happen to be family practice physicians. They are planning a medicated hospital birth, but want to minimize risk, while maximizing comfort. They are looking for the yin to their yang, the tree to their tower, the serenity to their city life. 
  • The 28 year old couple who are newly married. He is a governmental engineer and she is a student professor at a local college. She is not quite sure of her desires for birth, the only thing that she knows for sure is that she wants both of them to enjoy the experience and have all of their options laid out for them. 
  • The lesbian couple who live in a flat downtown. They are mid-30's and happily expecting their first baby. Expectant mom is graphic artist, pregnant mom is the CEO of a hedge fund investment firm. They are hoping for a homebirth with a midwife. Their dream birth is quite, peaceful, calm, and supported by feminine energy throughout. They want someone to bounce ideas off of, to help field questions to from their family and friends who they will be inviting to the birth. 
  • The 16 year old who didn't expect to be pregnant, and the 42 year old woman and her husband who are planning to adopt the 16 year old's baby. She is planning on a water birth in a birth center. The pregnant girl's parents won't be at the birth, and she wants a friend, a confidante, and a non-judgmental rock to hold on to. 
Every woman deserves a doula, and every situation can benefit from the presence of a doula.

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