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As you all know, I speak out on some less-than-comfortable subjects. Now, this post may offend some. If you are one of the offended, just skip over this post and read the ones that don't offend.

BUT, but, I feel this is an important subject. We did not circumcise our son, and we don't believe in routine circumcision. For more on that, see the list below:

The point of this post, though, is to bring attention to some recent stirrings on the internet about foreskins and the intact penis. So, without further ado,  here is my list of noteworthy links:

A DICK THING TO DO - a humorous but honest look at one families discussion about circumcised and intact penises.

AB768 HEARING - a great bit of information on the California bill re: forced infant male circumcision.

INTACT OR CIRCUMCISED - a mature-audience only discussion on the difference in adult penises. Educational to say the least.

I LOVE FORESKIN - a very intimate look at how circumcision doesn't only affect the man, but others whom he will encounter throughout life.

And that about raps it up, thoughts?

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Brian McGuigan said...

Thanks for linking to my blog post. Keep fighting the good fight for foreskins!



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