This is a topic that raises strong emotions on both ends of the spectrum. In fact, this topic has been known to divide households, spouses/partners, and long-term friendships. But, the fact remains, this topic needs to be discussed more.

There is a newer movie out called "Cut", and I highly recommend taking an hour to watch it. It is one of the best I have seen.

There is also a great article that I just came upon called When Intact, Don't Retract... what a great catchy line, and what great information it gives on the intact male and how to care for intact babies.

For my clients, if, after watching the movie above, you have additional questions, I am more than happy to share our journey through this subject, answer your questions as well as possible, and will lend out additional resources (articles, studies, and videos) to help you make a more informed choice.

For further reading:
Intact America
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Corin said...

Thank you for posting this! I haven't posted on my birth blog in over a year. This may just push me to do it!!

Mia said...

After seeing one performed, I just couldn't bear to do it to my son. I was so glad that my hubby didn't care either way.

Sara said...

Hmm..there's a lot of craziness in the documentary...firstly, how could a Jewish historian NOT know that circumcision was commanded to Abraham (in the first part of the documentary he states that it became common in 500 BCE after the Jews returned from Babylon). Any student of the Bible knows that this is not true.

Also, as a Bible student, even if you were a Jew, how could you believe that a woman could circ your baby and "enter him into the covenant"?! This is really crazy and makes no sense, and I know this only from my own Bible study. I'm not Jewish.

I would never have my son circumcised. I believe that there was a reason that God commanded it (by the way, it probably had to do with reminding all of the men that they were passing on imperfection to their children; that they would never be able to live up perfectly to the God's laws to them), but there is also a reason why he made it known after Jesus' ransom (which the Jews don't believe in, obviously) that it was no longer necessary to be a worshiper of the true God. Since it is no longer necessary in his eyes, it will not be performed on any of my children.
The fact that Christians think that this is necessary is similarly mind-boggling. A simple perusal of the Christian Greek Scriptures will bring up several scriptures which clearly say that after Jesus sacrifice, circumcision was not required.

Zion Lights said...

Interesting post. I live in the UK and circumcision is not the norm here. You have to ask for it to be done after the baby is born, but not all hospitals will do it. I was shocked to learn from an American friend that it is standard practise in the US.


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