Booby Traps


Best For Babes has an awesome series up called Booby Traps™. This series has, so far, gone through all of pregnancy and how your pregnancy care, choices, etc.. might affect your milk production. Now, they are moving on to how your birthing time might affect your milk production.

Their latest post is awesome!
Of course, sometimes supplementation is truly necessary (Rule One:  feed the baby), but when done without trying to protect your milk supply, it can be devastating.

Poor intake can also make your baby sleepy, which can make him or her a poor feeder – one who falls asleep at the breast early in the feeding.  And that in turn can make babies take in too little milk, which makes them even more sleepy.  It also puts babies at higher risk of jaundice, which in turn creates makes even sleepier.  See the vicious cycle you have to turn around to make breastfeeding work?

What many of us don’t know is that there are things about your birth experience which can make it more likely that your mature milk will take longer to come in.  And that’s where the Booby Traps come in.
Read the rest here.

I love this series and highly recommend every woman read through it and continue following the series until close. I know I will be.

BTW, I got the picture from My Brown Baby. She has both an old and new site, I have only read the old one and love some of her posts, very inspiring! Go check it out!

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