Power of The Tongue

Where do my blog posts come from? Sometimes it's from a question from a reader (yes, I answer all questions sent to me), sometimes it is from an article I read, and sometimes it is from a recent experience or conversation I have. And sometimes, like this post, it is from a seemingly unrelated event.

My daughter was on Facebook when she saw a video that she wanted to share with me.

And herein is the birth of a post. As workers in the field of birth, we must understand that we have power. Power to kill and destroy, tear down and disempower... or we have power to raise up, encourage, enlighten, and enliven. This power comes from the same source.

The Tongue..

The power that words play in our births is tremendous. Don't believe me? What does the term 'ring of fire' tell your perineum? What about the difference between calling a contraction strong and good versus calling it hard or big? Our words impact our perceptions - our perceptions impact our experiences.

Our tongues are a double edged sword; our words can slay dragons, or can raise the dead in spirit.

Learning to wield this sword with wisdom and prudence is one of the best tools a doula can master. To whisper, to direct, to encourage, or to reprove. To command, to bless, to educate, or to placate.

And, when necessary, to learn when to bridle your tongue, and speak without words.

“Ask me for strength and I will lend not only my hand, but also my heart.” - Unknown

I am not going to elaborate on the benefits of using certain words, I have done that in past posts.

I only want to encourage you, while speaking today, use your words for life and health. Let them be words of honey and milk to the souls of those whom you are speaking to. Let your words be a fount of refreshing wisdom and truth. 

Anticipating a difficult or tumultuous meeting today? Perhaps you will be knowingly encountering a person who seeks to harm your healthy place either as a person, a mother, a doula, a midwife, or a spouse?

Remember, a kind word turns away wrath, and a soft word is like salve to the wounded heart.

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Lisa said...

I really appreciated this post. I'm going to post a link to it on my blog tonight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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