Ooo That Placenta Looks... Cake-like?!

Placenta, origin:
1670–80; < Neo-Latin: something having a flat, circular form, Latin: a cake < Greek plakóenta, accusative of plakóeis flat cake, derivative of pláx (genitive plakós)

OK, so you know the whole cake wrecks site? (if not, check it out, it's a riot).

Well, I LOOOVE this cake. Although it is definitely a shoo in for cake wrecks.

You know what? With how much I love placentas, I would truly love to be gifted this cake! Perhaps for my birthday... can you see the family pulling that one out for our friends and guests? LOL!

Another Placenta Post


*a* [formerly lala] said...

kinda gross, i have to say... i'm not sure how i feel about human organs and human consumption of human organs... :D

Emily said...

HAHA this cake cracks me up! awesome!


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