Shots in the Dark

Shots in the Dark is an amazing film with an interesting history... it was never released.

You can get it, though, from their website, and I highly recommend every parent watch the following 8 films... or buy it yourself.

I'm not saying to not vaccinate, I am begging you to question and educate before you stick that needle into your or your child's skin. You can't undo a vaccination. Be prepared to assume all risks in the event one occurs to your family.

More on vaccinations:
PBS and Vaccinations
The Big Stick
Gardasil and Guarding my Daughters

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Michawn said...

hi there. haven't commented here in a long time...haven't really been on the web much in the past few months. but, i was wondering if you know of anywhere i can find these videos online? the youtube ones were apparently taken off. i know the documentary itself is available to buy, but for several reasons i can't do that. any thoughts? thanks.


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