Green Salve - Product Review

Out here we have mosquitoes. I know, you are probably thinking 'mosquitoes are bad this time of year anywhere.'. Well, yes, but they aren't TEXAS bad. I never thought there could be worse mosquitoes where I previously lived until I lived here in Texas.

We have 4 major types of mosquitoes, two types that you can feel when they they start to suck (and one of those two burns like nothing I have ever felt before), and two that you can't feel at all.

What does this result in? A huge increase in mosquito bites in our family. And, the worse thing is that they are not deterred by anything that we have tried.

The good news in all of this blood-sucking bad news? We have discovered MotherLove Green Salve.

When our children get bit, they swell horribly.. like, golf ball sized swelling. And then, on top of that, they are habitual itchers.

So, we started applying Green Salve after a mosquito bite and we have found that, not only does it stop the itch, it also, as a result of them not itching, results in a huge decrease in the amount of swelling. All of this equals less grumpy children and less grumpy mom!

Best of all, it is 100% organic, which makes mama even happier. :)

So, this is my little promotion of a wonderful little product that will be sure to always be stocked in my medicine cabinet!

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Brandy said...

I didn't know you were in Texas! What part if I may ask? We are just outside Dallas.
Our Mosquitos are the stealth kind so far. Admittedly I've been avoiding outside due to the 98+ temps lately. I just can't stomach it. Even at night!

Green salve has caught my eye. Wonder where I can find it.


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