Breastfeeding a Toddler

Code Name: Mama has a great thing going on over at her blog, talking about the rights of women to nurse in public, information on extended nursing, and state laws.

One of my most favorite things I found on her blog, I simply had to share as it made me 'uh huh' in agreement, while also smiling from ear to ear. I hear you, Mama, I do!


Autumn said...

Adorable! I love it!!!!

After yesterday's internet buzz of the radio show I beleive called Russ and LIsa or something like that. The woman was complaining about nursing in public "Go to the bathroom and do that" type comments.

This is beautiful, and THIS is why lots of moms don't cover up!

Anonymous said...

I still think that nursing over 1 years of age is ridiculous. If they can talk and ask to nurse then they should be using a cup and drinking from that. They do not need the nourishment from breastfeeding anymore.

Nicole D said...

Anon -

I understand that feeling, it goes against all that we are taught in western society. BUT, breastmilk IS the best nourishment for a child for the first 2 YEARS of life. Studies agree to this fact, and our cultural leanings and opinions don't change that :-(

I hope that doesn't sound harsh.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

The "when they can ask for it" argument doesn't hold water. Babies start talking at all different ages - talking is an arbitrary, unscientific cutoff point for breastfeeding.
Regardless of personal opinion, breastfeeding continues to benefit both mothers and babies for as long as the breastfeeding relationship continues. In fact, the American Academy of Family Physicians’ 2008 Position Paper said that “breastfeeding until the bare minimum age of 2 years is the norm and anything less brings about detrimental consequences.”

Your opinion might be that car seats are inconvenient, but you still use them because you don't want to put your child at risk. Same goes for breastfeeding.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I chuckled with delight at that sweet toddler's observations!! Such a sweet and gentle (and, hello, obvious!) way to change cultural perceptions of toddler nursing. Love it.


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