Int'l Doula Month - Giveaway #9

Lisa Ferrante is an artist who sells her pieces on Etsy. She has gorgeous prints for sale and has donated "I Loved You Before I Ever Met You II". It will be sent matted and signed and will be 11x14 matted to fit a 16x20 frame. Lisa is a dynamic artist who pulls at my heart strings, both through her works and through our interview. Be sure to check out her blog to get to know her better, otherwise, enjoy getting to know this mama on Mother's Day.

I am a mommy to two magical little girls and a mixed media artist. I am very bad
at the practical but I'm really good at the magical things in life!

I've always loved Art and always dreamed of pursuing it someday. When my first
daughter was born I was blessed with the option to stay home with her and she
became my little muse.I had sort of an explosion of creativity that has evolved
over the years into my paintings. I can't imagine doing anything else!

My daughters definately make my heart skip a beat,h old my breath and
sigh with happiness! Thay are my inspiration, my heart and soul. I would
never be who I am without them. They teach me unconditional love, patience and
strength. They teach me to see the magic in everyday things and to live in this

If you had to choose one item that you sell, what is your favorite and why:

Thats a really hard question. They all represent a diffrent emotion or time in
my life. If I had to choose it would have to be 'I Loved You Before I Ever Met
You'. My mother passed away when I was 6 so when I was little I would imagine
what kind of mom I would love to have. She would be loving and kind,silly and spontaneous,creative and fun and her favorite thing to do would be to spend time with me. I was not fortunate enough to have her but I was fortunate enough to become her to my little girls. This painting represents that to me.

When you think of a doula, what do you think:
I actually had a doula for my first pregnancy. I was so comforted by the thought
of having someone with me to help make this beautiful experience exactly
that, beautiful. Women supporting women is wonderful in itself and to have
someone you trust to help you through the sometimes scary moments and be
your strenghth is a sacred thing. When I think of a doula i think of
strength and sisterhood.
Consequentially, what do you think of birth practices in the U.S. right now:
I am a little saddened by the birth practices in the U.S. right now. I truly
believe that the birth of a child can be one of the most empowering, beautiful
experiences a woman can go through if treated as a natural proccess that are
bodies where created to do. I feel that the medical community sometimes treats
pregnancy as an illness. We need to be able to trust our bodies and the people
that will help us deliver our babies.

Lisa, thank you for donating such a beautiful and meaningful piece to our giveaway!


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    Happy entering and Happy Mother's Day!!!


    venessa said...

    My favorite is Phenomenal Woman. I love that poem!

    venessa said...

    And posted a link to facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/venessa.tarbell?ref=profile

    Anonymous said...

    my favorite is the one for the give away. I totally love it. I also love "my heart and soul" and the "sisterhood" one... maybe I should start a collection!

    hisjennifer@ yahoo.com

    Anonymous said...

    shared on FB
    hisjennifer @yahoo .com

    Anonymous said...

    I like her "embrace the craziness" post. She has a way with words and you can tell just by the way she writes that she is very creative.

    Hisjennifer@ yahoo. com

    Kelly said...

    Beautiful stuff! I love her piece 'Our Children'. Kids have SO much to teach us and I love how this piece celebrates that.

    Rixa said...

    So hard to choose my favorite...I like the "celebrate motherhood" one.

    Rixa said...

    I read through her blog and was sad that it only has 2 posts so far! I enjoyed reading the first post about how, a year ago, she would never have imagined she'd be pursuing her artistic dreams. Makes me want to get more in gear with some aspects of my life...

    Kelly said...

    I love this line "I am exactly who I think I am." from her blog. So simple, but profound - we hold the key, and can be whoever we imagine ourselves to be.

    KBH said...

    I really hate to share this link with anyone as it lowers my chances of getting it, BUT--- I'm sharing all your giveaways with my friends!! Thank you! Here's the link to my blog http://mammashere.blogspot.com/

    TopHat said...

    I like "Choose Love" but all her artwork is gorgeous!

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

    Rochelle said...

    My favorite is You and Me (True Love Always) because I am a redhead too! What gorgeous work!!

    Kim said...

    I'd like to use one of my early bird entries, too!

    Kim said...

    I love the 'Celebrate Motherhood' print - gorgeous!

    MamaVee said...

    My favourite is the one for this giveaway, although "Sacred Love" comes in a close second.

    MamaVee said...

    Her blog only has two posts, but I really loved how she has completely embraced what she loves doing and how she says "Until quite recently I had no idea that I could just be exactly what I've always wanted to be. I had this mental picture of her, but never realized that all you need to do to be her is just be her."

    Sheridan said...

    I love you mom is my favorite.

    Sheridan said...

    I love you mom is my favorite. :)

    Sheridan said...

    I like the I love you mom.

    Sheridan said...

    It's amazing how much things can change in a year was my favorite post. I think it is so true. Life can take us amazing places. :)

    Mary Wolfe said...


    I posted a link on my FB page.

    Melissa Landon said...

    My favorite is Angels. It reminds me of my sister and I. Very sweet.

    Amy said...

    My favorite is I carry you in my heart it has special meaning for me.


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