Autumn Rain Birthing

Tendrils of dreams cling like tacky webbing to my mind, dusty purple and muddy yellow.

Inhaling, I turn to hold the warm body next to me against my chest.

I hear the melodic hum of notice. No more rest this night.

Even before pressing the phone to my ear, I can hear your breathing, deep and powerful. I offer a wordless murmur of acknowledgment.

Breath. It's time. Sigh, then laughter like wind chimes. Come now, you say.

I smile, ok.

Pressing my lips against the neck of my lover, I whisper goodbye. He smiles and turns over.

As I move silently through the house, making ready for your birthing time, I hear the tappa tappa of rain begin it's cadence on the roof.....

... Hand paused over your doorknob, I think of the silent shadows of hundreds of women around the world birthing with you. Quiet prayer, turning knob.

I shed my shoes in the entry, this is holy ground. Midwife whispers all is well, you have been asking for me.

I make my way to your room, following the sounds of low moaning and gentle rustling. Peppered in among the warm sounds of birth is a man's voice, a lover's murmuring.

Stopping at the door to your room, I lean against the frame - blushing at the intensity of his love, I watch your partner caress your belly while you lean back against him in the timeless dance of birth.

He sees me in the doorway and beckons me in with one hand. Sensing my gaze, you open your eyes, crookedly and bashfully grin, hi.

Joining you in the candlelight, we speak without words. Two women in the ancestry of motherhood.

Guiding my hands around your swollen and glistening abdomen, you draw another wave from your womb.

You lock your hands around your lovers neck. He draws a deep breath from your hair and begins to slowly sway, running his fingertips across your breasts and shoulders.

Softly roving my fingers in miniature spirals, I feel the contraction of your womb expand through your soul and your head begins to rock from side to side. Moans ripple from your lips as you bend your knees to embrace the strength of your work.

Drumming cadence echos from the roof as heaven opens its flood gates and distant rumblings beat out drums of deep remembrance.

We move in perfect synchrony. Space pulls in and we are solitude.

As a vapor, Midwife moves in and out, lovingly guiding, quietly listening. Following your lead as your expanses roll from your most inner parts to draw us closer. time stands still.





Lips and smiles, softened edges and deep intones




Present becomes as you keen at the crest of a wave. Crimson trail and a trickling stream traces a rivulet down your thigh. You drop gracefully to your knees, and we follow in adoration. Nestled between your lover and friend, you whisper, blessing.

Bodies rustle in the dim light and someone places a vial of oil in my open hand. Midwife softly breaths ancient tongues in lilting rhythms, the blessing of the womb is drawn in slippery syllables across your body, your temple.

In deep timbres, like honey and incense, a prayer drifts towards the rafters...

Dominus custodiet te Dominus protectio tua super manum dexteram tuam

In hushed worry, you whimper doubt into my throat. I lift your chin to see my eyes. Clear and promising. You look hesitant to Midwife, she is strong and smiling.

Sighing into the crook of lovers arms, releasing, you plant your earthen foot upon the ground and move forward. Timelessly, in the most ancient of positions, you press down toward terra firma.

Midwife presses, softly, on babies entrance. Soon.

Lover, his melody continues...

auxilium meum a Domino factore caeli et terrae

Glistening power crowns your brow as you grip my wrists, intently your eyes stare through me and your breath catches in the most primal of moments. Life water flows freely from you as your vessel tips to pour out this side of heaven.

The static crackling of anticipation hovering like a current through our bodies; I wait eager and breathless. We all fall silent as you reach a hand into the river.

Joy, tears, a moments rest. Then moving down once more.

Pressing like a silky soft pearl against taut ribbons of flesh, I can see new life. Your fingers flutter over his crown as you shake loose your other hand.

Your lover releases his hold on you while keeping his body pressed against you. My hands move to your feet while midwife guides your hands.

Surrounded, supported, this pearl becomes flesh, and the flesh becomes child. As you cradle his head, he opens his eyes.

A crooning, a candle flickers, and his shoulders slip free. Water and blood and baby, cascade in perfect harmony, as you wrap your child against your breast in triumphant shout.

The rain abruptly stops. Silence echos, adoring tears... a child's first cry.

Welcome Caeli!


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