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Rixa has been posting about her time at the International Breech Conference. One thing that encouraged me was that she shared that "all the OBs talking excitedly about this amazing new breech technique, how it just makes so much sense, how they really want to start doing it. What is it? Birthing on hands & knees".. This makes me so excited because this is a concept that midwives have known about and have been practicing for quite some time.
  • The Association of Radical Midwives posted an article by Mary Cronk in 1998 elaborating on what should and should not been done during a breech birth. This was republished with a few additions for AIMs in 2005
  • The Royal College of Midwives also published an article nearly identical to the one above, with the same information.
I know that I have shared this video/post before, but I can't help sharing again as this is a great example of just such a breech birth. If you search breech natural birth on youtube, you will find many more breech births in the hands and knees position.

Something I believe is changing in the Obstetrical community is the perception that breech birth is an abnormal presentation. Breech presentation is not abnormal, it is simply not as common.

Here's to hoping that American Obstetricians can be humble enough to take the cue of other doctors around the world and start looking at the evidence that midwives, working along side of obstetricians, is the best option for women, that homebirth is a valid and safe option for low risk women, and that breech birth, when treated with respect and handled correctly, can be safely completed vaginally!

And now, just because you know how much I love to show birth:

A London breech birth story in chronological stills.


Michelle @ Be Fresh be Simple said...

Thanks for these videos. Perfect timing for a some expecting mothers.

Rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole D said...

Rebecca - The "London" reference is for the linked site, London Birth Practice, all in stills, not in video form, sorry for the confusion.

Jennifer said...

It is so refreshing to see more and more support for vaginal breech births! As far as medical support, I felt very alone and vulnerable when I found out that my baby was breech. Thankfully, I was able to deliver her vaginally because I found a supportive doctor at the very last minute! Thanks for the wonderful website!


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