What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body

Glamour had a surprising article that is making headlines on the internet.

The amazing things about this article:
  • it is a self-esteem article
  • it features advice from a midwife
  • it features a picture of a 'plus sized' model
Because it has gotten such a strong response from women everywhere, they completed a follow-up article on Lizzi Miller, the 20 year old model featured in the original article.

It floors me, and makes me hopeful, that a mainstream magazine published such a non-conforming article and picture!

Other sites that I love to refer women to when talking about positive self-image are Shape of a Mother and the Real Beauty Campaign.

What a glorious world it would be where we can raise daughters who are proud of their real bodies, healthy bodies, honest and unaltered bodies!

I mean, I know it is a farce, just a parody, but this is a somewhat silly but serious look at what we are teaching our children with how we act about ourselves.

After reading up on this, I had a huge desire to walk my gals into the bathroom, look in the mirror with them, and tell them all the beauty (inside and out) of them!

And then, because you know how much I love Youtube, check out these beautiful 'skins':


Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen this other Dove commercial (Evolution), you need to -- it fits in so well with this concept!


KBH said...

Thank you! I love to be reminded that I'm beautiful with my belly bulge, stretch marks and saggy breasts! I *sometimes* think I may even be more beautiful now than before I had my kids who gave me these physical badges of honor and are helping to make me a more loving, compassionate and self-less person. Articles like this one definately help me think that more and more!!


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