Enfamil and Rest-Full

Well, they did it again... the pharm reps have came up with something that should worry parent's of babies.

Enfamil Rest-Full states:

Your baby needs a proper amount of sleep to keep her healthy and happy. That's why we created new Enfamil RestFull, the formula specially designed to naturally encourage a good night's sleep.

  • A natural way to help keep your baby feeling satisfied.
  • Thickens gently in baby's tummy and digests slowly.
Ei Ei Ei!

Let's think about this - what do you know that 'naturally' thickens in your stomach to make you feel fuller longer? There is nothing natural about that. Sounds to me like some of the diet formulas and diet bars that thicken in your stomach to keep you 'fuller longer'

Do the 'experts' at Mead Johnson even care that:
I can't blame the pharm/formula companies entirely - they are only responding to what we, as a culture, and individually, many women, want: something easier on the parent, not whats best for baby.


Hannah said...

Wow, that is a bit unsettling.

Kayce Pearson said...

The thing that worries me the most about this formula is the people that will use this all the time. When their baby isn't 'napping' correctly, or when they have had a long stressful day and need some quiet.

These babies will be eating 1/2 or less of what they are supposed to!

I hate the thought that this will actually be bought by women just because they want a full night's sleep. If you wanted sleep, you shouldn't have become a parent...

Sarah H said...

bleck! Awful and creepy!

KBH said...

Arrrrrgh!!! This is so maddening!! It's why I hate formula companies. Not only have they convinced a large portion of women in our population that artificial baby milk is *just* as good as what their bodies produce, they've done it at the detriment to the health of babies everywhere. .... All in the name of a few bucks for some head honcho CEO.

KBH said...

Oh and.... How can anything that is manufactured, processed and put in a can be defined as "natural"????

Molly said...

Eww. Eww.

Anonymous said...

SCARY! What will they think of NEXT?!

Wendyrful said...

Is there any sort of "age" this special sleep formula is 'recomended' for? Like that one formula company has a newborn formula and a different type of formula for over 6 months of age... I wondered if this one would have something like that or will BRAND NEW - SLEEP DEPRIVED momma's be pushing this to get some extra sleep. Wow!!! and this is supposed to be 'natural'???? WoW!!! I just don't now what else to say!

Lindsay said...

You might as well give your baby some cough suryp if you want them to sleep or some whiskey, at least that is really natural (or course I kid), but it is just as appalling. I agree, if you wanted to sleep you shouldn't have had kids. I will be sure to warn mammas about this new formula.

Anonymous said...

i use this for my daughter..it doesnt work like it says. it is thicker
she still eats every 2-3hours (day or night.
shes just as she was before i switched to this. only she consumes less per feeding. she used to eat 4-6oz per feeding and now eat 2-3 per feeding every 2-3hours

it works great for her. it doesnt give her gas or cramps she isnt fussy. she sleeps normally wakes up normally. eats normally.

like i said it doesnt really work like it says it does.. they dont sleep longer. thats alie. they just get full faster instead of having to eat alot in order for them to be full and sastified.

by the way shes 2months and has hit a growth spurt. so thats why she is consuming so much formula.


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