Head's Up - Canadian Doctors are Getting the Idea

Pretty good article here. The only problem is the number one 'condition' on their list for when a breech birth is not recommended.

It reads:
In any situation in which a C-section would normally be recommended
Well, darn, in America, that means nearly every single breech presentation and, oh yeah, 30% of vertex presentations as well. *sigh*

This is an even better short on it.

I especially like

“The evidence is clear that attempting a vaginal delivery is a legitimate option in some breech pregnancies,” said Dr. AndrĂ© Lalonde, Executive Vice-President of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada. “The onus is now on us as a profession to ensure that Canadian obstetricians have the necessary training to offer women the choice to deliver vaginally when possible.”

In light of the lack of training, health professionals, universities, and hospitals will need to work together to help ensure that Canadian health centres are prepared to accommodate women who choose to attempt a trial of breech vaginal delivery.

Yes! This is what we need! When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I interviewed and passed many an OB until I found one that was comfortable and knowledgeable in how to assist a breech birth, knowing there was a good chance that one or both of my gals may present breech.

One of the many reasons it would be a wonderful world to see OBs and Midwives work side by side... but I digress..

Oh Canada, I so wish that our doctors on this side of the border would take a hearty lesson from you.

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Natalie said...

Thanks for including this article on the blog. My daughter was a planned breech delivery at home, and to have one more piece of information for moms to use as they make their choice is so helpful!


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