Alternative and Uncommon Birth Video Fest

Just a little Birthing-Fest... These videos are all rich in 'variations' and the uncommon.

There is a great video on youtube recently uploaded that shows mom having a home, water birth. In it, she gives some great raw birthing noises. Lot's of the grunty pushy noises that we, as childbirth educators, try to describe to our moms. We in the birth profession are used to hearing these, but the average person does not normally get to be privvy to until their own birth.

Although it is in a different language (the voice-over) this film shows WONDERFUL support from women surrounding mom as she works through a seemingly difficult labor in a hospital environment. I also like how this shows how well getting LOUD during your labor can block out intrusive and insensitive visitors to your birthing room (like the anesthesiologist). Another example you don't normally get to see until your own birth.

Breech birth is next.. this mama had two previous cesareans for breechness. The third time around, she chose to do a little more research and made some proactive, albeit uncommon, choices. Kudos to her!

Speaking of breechness... Ok - I am asked so often about what to do if baby is breech. Well, I can tell you what I would do, but not what you should do.

There is a great birth story in words and pictures of the home birth of a breech babe. I highly recommend seeing it as it shows exactly WHY a competent and skilled (in breech vaginal birth) attendant is required... note how hands-OFF she is? Things could have gone not-as-well had the attendant thought she had to have her hands all over this babe.

And finally, the birth video of a 17 year old girl named Cristina who was committed to a natural birth and had her little sister (who videotaped), boyfriend, and mom present to support her. Her midwife gave great encouragement and answered all of her little sister's questions:

Not only that, but this beautiful girl encourages other young women to explore healthier choices for becoming a young mom by breastfeeding her child - 'not the norm' here in the united states.

Hallelujiah for Youtube birth videos. :o) Be sure to see here for more Youtube birth festiveness.

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another blog you might enjoy is MamaMidwifeMadness@blogspot. She is amazing :)


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