Good Reads For Breastfeeding

These are some good articles/print outs for moms, cbes, and doulas alike. Have fun and don't forget to check out Kelly Mom for more great info.

Happy Reading!


Agatha said...

Hi Nicole - I wanted to know if I could please post your youtube movie about vaginal multiple birth on my blog? I want to use it in conjunction with a vaginal twin birth story, your thoughts?

Zoƫ Tops said...

Thank you Nicole for always posting just the right thing at just the right time! Amazing!

Chri-Chri said...

Thanks for this! I recently decided to take my 14 month old off of cows milk after researching it and talking to our chiropractor. We have had major issues with ear infections and I am trying to stay away from surgery. It always seemed silly to me, anyway, to give our babies milk that was made for a different animal's babies. But, there is so much stigma against extended breastfeeding. It is hard sometimes! What is your recommendation for a breast pump? I've only used hand pumps. Would electric be faster or not?


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