You Do What With Your Organs?

I am simply fascinated and excited to see so many women (especially more 'main stream mamas' - it seems to make things more acceptable) DOING with their placentas rather than just DISCARDING.

Small disclaimer, most of these links include pictures, so this is not for the squeamish.
  • A couple that I just attended last week took their placenta home to make placenta prints with it and then plant it. If they give permission and take pictures, I will be sure to share. (no pics)
  • A peer of mine in this area just started her own placenta encapsulation service.
  • A funny-guy hosts a placenta party for friends and family (lots of humor and pictures).
  • Family Colvin had their sister encapsulate her placenta.
  • The Placenta Blog talks about everything to do with placentas
  • Mary talks about a placenta consumption experiment and how it affected her overall (no pictures).
  • Gifts of the Third Stage talks about cultural customs of the placenta and what benefits it has overall
  • La Victoriana linked a great downloadable pdf for printing all about the placenta. A great read.
  • And this amazing blogger (heh heh) wrote an article on why someone would consider some of the more 'extreme' placenta issues - just so you don't write them off as quacks before you hear their reasoning.
  • The Green House talks both on consumption (no pics) and burying for memorials (PG pics)
  • There is even a great book out called Placenta: the Gift of Life (psst, it is on my wish list - hint hint) and has a good book review here.
And finally, the placentophagy experience of one London bloke:

Oh what fun!


anj said...

we meant to do something with our placenta...but, um, somehow lost it between the delivery room and the ward...oops.

jenny mae. said...

we planted ours under a lilac bush for olive. im so happy we did something with it to honor it

Lil said...

nicole, it's great to see so many folks taking this healing route isnt' it?? i know the capsules are supposed to be great for PPD, and wished i had known this 3 yrs ago. my daughter's placenta is still in our deep freezer (3yrs later) and it will remain there until she is old enough to help us plant it under a tree, we'd like her to be part of the experience. off i go to follow each and every link you've posted ~ i support each one of them! thanks!!


tie-dyed doula said...

We put our placenta in the ground and covered it with a board until the snow melted, then planted a blueberry bush on top of in the Spring. I also planted two other blueberry bushes beside it for my other 2 boys. They all are thriving (the boys and blueberry bushes!) I have a poem written on my post about placentas on my blog-check it out sometime if you get a chance-I LOVE PLACENTAS!!

fijimama said...

My daughter Haleh's placenta is buried in the center of our banana grove, nourishing a baby sweet mangostein tree. By the time she's 8 or 10, the tree will be fruiting. It was a beautiful and memorable thing to do with the placenta! I'm excited to explore all your placenta links and learn more :)


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