Sensual Birth

How to Have a Sensual Birth.

With each of my births, there was a component of love made the baby, love will get him/her out. With my LAST though, there was this intense sexuality to it that the others were lacking in. It was not a vulgar thing, or even inappropriate, simply affectionate, powerful, and sexual. Any other stories like this?

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Anonymous said...

This is more physical than spiritual, but here's my experience. My midwife "massaged my tissues" as my son was crowning, and it was weirdly pleasureable, in a sexual feeling way. I remember wondering, "Is she doing this on purpose to distract me from the pain?" But I decided she probably didn't know how it felt for me and was just doing what she thought needed to be done to help my body stretch to accomodate the baby. It was quite disconcerting though, to have this a-little-too-pleasant sensation mixed in with the not-so-lovely stretching that was going on at the same time.


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