The Nashville Birth Network is in the baby-stages of coordinating their own BOLD event 2008. I am excited. I attempted to do this solo last year, but came up against many an obstacle. BOLD stands for Birth on Labor Day and is a collaborative effort to bring awareness to Maternal-Friendly Health Care, bring back woman to woman wisdom (W2W), and support birth choice advocacy programs through financial donations.

So, take 2, many more ppl involved. I am nervous. Did I mention I was excited?

Have you heard of BOLD? If not, please take a moment to see their 12 minute video on the power of W2W wisdom and how it can change the face of maternal care.

If you so desire, Karen Brody, the playwright for Birth (the play central to BOLD), has a blog where she has some GREAT wisdom to impart. It gives you a better look at the heart behind the play.

Along the same vein, let me also make a plug for UBUMAMA - a phrase meaning "motherhood" - a grassroots movement in Africa designed to bring awareness to safe mother care and what it means to be a woman in this area of the world. Their 'marketing' is to sew their birthstories, lifestories, hopes and fears onto the garments that their babies wear! Beautiful!

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