What About Vaccines??

I hate to bring this hot topic up, but I have been asked enough... "what about vaccines???"

IMHO, why would ANYONE inject their children with a foreign substance, a 'dead' virus, or cocktail without first researching it? Consider this, by age 6, the CDC wants your child to have 33 different cocktails injected into your child. And they are attempting to add more yearly.

What is in your child's shots? Well, here is a short list of just some of the ingredients found in these vaccines...

  • vesicle fluid from calf skins
  • chick embryonic fluid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • mouse serum protein
  • monkey kidney cells and calf serum
  • rhesus monkey lung cells
  • mouse brain
  • thimersol
  • formaldehyde
  • ammonium sulfate
  • aluminum potassium
  • monosodium L-glutamate (MSG)
  • human diploid cells from aborted fetus

cited references: National Vaccine Information Center and Informed Choice

Anyone else slightly disturbed? Not telling you what to do, just asking you to STUDY before you STICK.


kris said...

oh ugh! i've never felt too comfortable w/ it, but admitedly always gave in to the fear they insite, the "what ifs"

i've recently read even more about it at my chiropractors office. none of it makes me feel any better about it. as a matter of fact, i feel guilty about letting them get the vaccinations that they have gotten. it's a tough choice. when i look at what you've posted and the other things i've read, i think "no" but then i think about how we don't hear of those diseases any more b/c of the vaccines. then i think about autism....alot to think about...

TracyKM said...

To Kris
To say we don't hear of 'those diseases any more' is silly! Chicken pox, whooping cough, meningitis, Hepatitus, rotovirus, measles, even ear infections are all on the current vaccine rooster. Sure, we don't have polio in North America, or diptheria, and rarely tetanus, but most of the diseases with vaccines being pushed lately are no where near erradicated. BUT, they are also NOT the deadly diseases that the earlier rounds of vaccines protected against, like small pox. We can easily live with most of the diseases doctors want you to vax against now.

kris said...

tracy-i was referring to the more harmful ones like polio when i said that they were unheard of.

Emily said...

Hi there, love the blog. I agree that people should do their due diligence on medical issues and procedures, including vaccines, and I know some people have concerns about autism and the like. But vaccines are one of the biggest public health victories of the last 100 years, if not the biggest, and they have virtually eliminated or drastically reduced diseases in this country that used to kill many kids -- still do kill kids in developing countries. So you don't have to accept anything on blind faith, but also don't forget that the reason you don't see pertussis (whooping cough) all the time is not because it's "gone," but because most kids have been vaccinated and therefore don't carry it. It's called herd immunity. I would just caution we shouldn't throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak.

For those looking to research, here is another site, from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, that reviews specific vaccines and posts information about safety: http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/


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