Point One For the Home Team

This is a great moment, showing that the ban the bags campaign is getting some real results. New York mommas are no longer being sent home with formula cans, coupons for formula, "helpful information", etc. but instead are receiving "...a tote bag stuffed with disposable nursing pads, a mini-cooler for breast-milk bottles, and pint-sized T-shirts for the babies that proudly declare "I eat at mom's." (this is me jumping up and down in excitement!!!

When I left the hospital with my first two children, I was given a 'goody bag' chocked full of disposable diapers from Huggies, coupons from Emfamil, helpful pumping tips from Gerber, and two whole cans of powdered formula with two single servings of ready-to-nipple, already mixed formula. With the twins, I was given TWO of these bags. And I tell you... what a relief they were when I encountered ANY problems with nursing - I didn't have to fret, TRY to continue to nurse successfully, or worry about running out to the store at 3am. It was so convenient. Bless those formula freebies. I just nippled and popped those bad babies into my kids mouths and I assuaged my grief and guilt by saying 'well, I didn't buy the stuff'. (are these letters dripping with cynicism or what??)

With my last birth, I was much wiser and stronger. I took out the formula, coupons, and 'pumping information' and left it on the counter. With no formula in the cupboards, I found I was not nearly as easily tempted when we encountered sore nipples, mastitis, clogged ducts, and teething. I will not attribute ALL of our breastfeeding success to no freebie formula, but it did make breastfeeding a lot easier to remove said temptation.

Now it looks like women will not have that temptation as an option at all in some hospitals!!!

I am happy to report that there is a wonderfully progressive hospital in NY that has chosen to NOT hand out free cans of formula anymore with their goodie bags for new moms upon leaving the hospital! I cannot gush on these people enough!! If you haven't read the news on it, please do!!!

And, as NBC reports on the ban, MBC is celebrating this landmark event.

And finally, on the other hand, there are idiots (sorry reporters) still running around angry at the world for their shortcomings and demanding free things like they deserve them. Sorry for the bitter tone.


Anonymous said...

For those of us who don't choose or can't breastfeed, those goodie bags are greatly appreciated! I think the bags should be available if you ask for them.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

The idea of giving out nursing pads and other things for breastfeeding mothers is wonderful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog through Jill and I wanted to start out by saying I LOVE it!

Anyway, as far as freebies go, the hospital I went to for my second son, in Fairbanks, Alaska, had two seperate "Go Home" bags. One for nursing moms, with nursing pads and a sample of Lansinoh (life saver) and then one for bottle feeding moms with free bottles and coupons.

They did give me a few free bottles of premade formula with my nursing mom's bag, but only because Mike was over 10 lbs and, after the trouble I had nursing my first son, I was a little worried about keeping up with such a big baby. Luckily I never needed it and the lady downstairs had a young baby taking a bottle, so as soon as I felt confident I passed them to her.

I did like having them in the house as a backup, because then there was no running to the store in the middle of the night, resulting in a large tempting can of formila sitting on my counter.

It was the same way with my youngest son, who was born in Enterprise, AL. There were two different bags, but they offered to mix and match if I wanted something out of the other bag. LoL

kris said...

i had read about this and think it's wonderful. there will no doubt be more breastfed babies in NYC!

not sure where i stand, i do like the idea of having both bags available. i guess i go back to my horrible, uneducated breastfeeding experiences and think what would i have done w/o the formula? b/c i had no support? i dunno, that is something i will have to think on a little more..i wonder if they are including in those bags 24 hr phone numbers to lactation consultants....and if a consultant comes to the home is it free?? see there is alot here isn't there?


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