Three Hours One Morning

Walking quietly into your birthing space, I see a circle of women around you.
A Mother holding you, a sister protecting you, and your midwife listening to you.

A gentle circle around a gentle but powerful woman. Setting like a Midewiwin amidst pillars of strength and wisdom.

Your husband weaves in and out, bringing his anchored energy in close, presenting offerings of deep kisses, tender words, and powerful sacral pressure.

Lights low and candles aglow

Soon your pressure wraps you even more deeply and your roost becomes an altar. Bended knee and wise incantations whisper through the room like a deep and ancient incense.

Supplications become pounding rhythms as your prayer becomes a pace... thunderous footsteps and wildly swaying hips - a power to be reckoned with - this is your story.

And finally, at climactic roar, you slip like a sea nymph into the waters warm embrace. Gliding, floating, peaceful at last. A rippling storm on the edge of the horizon, we watch as you rest in temporary tranquility.

And as it builds on the horizon, we wait with bated breath, as the clouds roll closer, and we stand in awe of its power, awaiting land-fall... It has arrived.

The tempest that drives your knees into the ground and braces your hands on the strong arms of your lover, your jetty in the storm. Rolling, rippling, building until you drive it back with a yell!

And then a sob.

And then a stillness beyond time itself

A breath, a pause...

that only we, who are privileged to witness life's unfolding miracle can understand...

a new soul has arrived this side of the veil.

And you, the maiden mother warrior goddess, you step out in grace - we, your attendants in waiting, offer you tokens of respite.. and then step quietly away...

a mother and her new child are amongst us.

Congratulations J and beautiful baby girl!

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Sweet Ruthie said...

Beautifully written!


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