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Birth Story Time! This is the lovely birth story of one of the mom's I recently attended. I loved working with this family. Dad was a hoot, so attentive, but so lighthearted... and mama, wow, talk about intuitive! Enjoy!

In everyone’s life there are pivotal moments that define us as a person. Steer us in the new direction our life needs to go, and give us new meaning to old things. This is my moment.

Saturday, November 19th
It was a nice day like any other day, nothing noticeably different to take note of.  I was feeling more energetic than most days so we decided to take advantage and do lots of things around the house to prepare for our little baby that was slated to arrive 3 weeks from that day. Give or take, we knew best not to give him a timeline. We woke early and made our breakfast as we always do and set out to the battle plan of the day. That morning we put up all our Christmas decorations and tree so that I would not have to worry about doing that as I got further along and more uncomfortable. So to the tunes of country music I trimmed the tree and hung the ornaments getting everything all decked out. Later that afternoon my best friend Reagan came by to visit and we went for a nice long walk at the park.

Chatting away the afternoon while making our way around the large pond. Feeling still very energetic and full of anticipation, I could not have known that perhaps this was ‘the walk’ that would get the ball rolling’ . That evening after my friend left us to ourselves, we made a nice dinner and settled in for the evening. At this point I was getting some stronger than normal Braxton hicks contractions, nothing that I would have indicated as labor, but looking back on it now, may have been just that. We went to bed, with thoughts of our little man coming to us dancing in our heads.

Sunday, November 20th, 3:54 am

My water broke. 
Woken from my sleep by an interesting sensation I can’t say that I have ever experienced before. And not knowing with absolute certainty that my water had indeed broken I woke Gabor up. After some more examination and more obvious signs, we decided that indeed we were on our way to labor land. The first few moments were a frenzy of emotion, excitement, uncertainty and anxiety, but also pure joy in knowing that we were going to see our baby within 24 hours (god permitting). I got up and moved around the house for a little while trying to gather my thoughts, an text the midwife letting her know my membranes were no longer hanging out at the party. After about an hour of pacing, I decided to hop in the shower.
Not long after that, perhaps 2 hours the contractions started, not strong at first but definitely making their presence known. We put together the birth pool (which had been delivered on Friday, a week early) and I let Gabor know it might be a good idea for him to clean up as well, so we could have all the hot water we needed. By 6am I called my mother letting her know she needed to go ahead and come over that things were getting a bit more uncomfortable and I wanted her there. By 9am I was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on anything other than the contractions and the doula was then called.

I remember thinking to myself that the pain was not unbearable and that it was necessary in order to birth my child.

So I focused and used my hypnobirthing and took each surge with a nice long breath. The doula arrived with a calming force that really helped calm both Gabor and I. She showed Gabor a nice way to apply pressure to my hips to help me during the surges and reminded me to melt into the pain, to relax and let it do what it needed to do.

Giving into my birthing body was a must if I wanted this birth to progress. We were, after all, there to have a baby.  By noon I was in transition and we were making sure that the midwife was there. A new urge to push was not entering my mind and things were starting to get real. The intensity of the contractions were stronger and my body was starting to completely take over. And in some carnal way, it was amazing to feel the strength of you body as it does something so miraculous. Kellie, our midwife arrived and from then it was fast and furious. Several positions later, and never in the birth tub I was using all my strength to birth my child. Reminding myself that he would be here soon and we would be holding him. That nothing my body offered up as far as pain was too much to handle, for my body was mine. I could handle anything, I had to handle anything, I wanted to hold my child.

November 20, 1:34pm

Our child Gabor Alexander Farkas III was born.

Gabor Alexander II was the first human being to touch him – his father.
He was delivered to the cord wrapped around his neck, which Kellie gently removed. He took a few moments to take that sweet breath of fresh air, giving us a little scare, but then he wiggled his little body of 6.45 lbs and let us know he had arrived. I was instantly in love, instantly no longer the most important person in the world, instantly here to take care of this little human being.

In that moment I knew that love was greater than just one person, it was the combination of two people to make a third. That I was looking at God’s greatest miracle, LIFE! I had carried him with me every day,  yearning to know what he looked like, eager to hear his cries, and now he was with me. Small and fragile laying on my chest. We were now three, a family.

We got the birth we always wanted, at home, in our own safe environment, with those around us that loved us. No harsh lights, no pain medication, no unfamiliar faces poking in and out of the room. Letting nature take its course. I would not trade our experience for the world. And I know that our son was born in a gentle and loving environment.

Special thanks go out to Kellie Moeller, our midwife who is one of the most gentle people I  know. Her birth assistant Pam, who is amazingly patient. Cole Deelah, our doula, who has a spirit more calming that the ocean. And to my husband who stood beside me as I birthed our child, who gave me strength when I needed it! And to the rest of my family and friends for their undying support in our choice to have a home birth! We love you all very much.

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