Memoirs of a Singing Birth

 “Deep inside I was thinking, “Everything will be as it should. All will be done in the best possible way”. I felt confident. I could not imagine myself explaining to any hospital staff what a lotus birth was. I was no longer a patient, "bearing or enduring without complaint" (from Latin word patientem.”
Memoirs of a Singing Birth is a beautiful and intimate retelling of Elena Skoko’s birthing journey. Elena writes of her trials and triumphs of preparing to and giving birth in Bali, of her intimate and musical relationship, and of the friendship she builds with her midwife, Ibu Robin Lim (founder and director of Yayasan Bumi Sehat).
“I was walking slowly leaning on Robin’s arm. Every few steps I would stop and bow. Robin would massage my back. It was soothing. I was laughing at my situation. I never imagined myself being in labor and taking a nice walk through a Balinese village. It was funny. I could not care less.”
Elena’s is a story of friendship, of self-discovery, and of love. Her friendship with her midwife, her babica, Robin, teaches her the firm touch of a healer and teacher, gentle, yet firm, teaching her respect, independence, and the normalcy of everyday birthing. Her friendship with her lover shows compassionate understanding, deep intimacy, and spiritual awakening. And her friendship with the other women in her life teach her the magical and mystical knowledge that only women share, her massage Ibu, her mother and sister, and others.
“My midwife was sitting in front of me on a little stool, looking at me tranquilly and chatting as if we were having a cup of coffee together. She was there with her body and soul supporting my efforts with loving care. Roberto was by my side, whispering our song in my ear. He was calm and quiet, exactly as I needed him to be. He was my deeply rooted tree.”

One of the most obvious and compelling subjects of her story is the cultural attitudes and subsequent actions of the places she visits during her pregnancy and people she encounters. Elena, a Croatian who has travelled the world and birthed in Bali, paints a haunting and stunning tapestry of her Memoirs of a Singing Birth.

Unabashedly interweaving her birth story, moving seamlessly back and forth through past events, lessons learned, and her birthing time, Ms. Skoko fortifies the reader to trust in her body, know her options, and seek a more holistic birthing path. I recommend her book for inspiration, education, and empowerment.

Koko and her placenta (c) Elena Skoko
Ibu Robin Lim is working hard to provide sound and healthy birth practices to the people of Bali, and Elena has granted that 20% of the revenues of Elena’s e-book are devolved to Yayasan Bumi Sehat natural birth center in Bali.

In addition, she is now seeking assistance and raising funds from the U.S. as her hard work, and thus, her birth center, is in jeopardy of being shut down. PLEASE consider spreading the word about this amazing midwife and this amazing book (and even this amazing blog post, complete with amazing coupon (see below)).

So, with all of this said, I am pleased to be able to offer you, my reader, a special discount code to purchase her e-book for your own library. Not only will this help to keep her birth center open, but will also provide you with an amazing book.

To purchase Memoirs of a Singing Birth, click on the link provided. Then, you can add the promo code: MH59Y to receive 20% off your online order through to the 2nd of February, 2011 (GMT - 8.00, California time).

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