Int'l Doula Month - Giveaway #16

Peggy O'Mara is the publisher, editor, and owner of Mothering Magazine and is our next contributor to the International Doula Month Giveaway. The staff at Mothering Magazine have graciously offered a year's gift subscription of Mothering Magazine to one lucky winner!

This subscription would be perfect for any doula, postpartum or birth.

Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of parenthood and family life in the development of the full human potential. As a readers' magazine, we recognize parents as the experts and wish to provide truly helpful information upon which parents can base informed choices.

Mothering is like no other publication. We are an original. Born in 1976 out of the need for the natural family community to learn about raising healthy children, Mothering was the birthplace of the natural family lifestyle.

Read in more than 65 countries, Mothering is the only independently owned, family living magazine in the world. We address contemporary health, personal, environmental, medical, and lifestyle issues in an upbeat, intelligent, compassionate, and courageous way.

Each issue contains philosophical inspiration and practical advice about family living. Topics are as diverse as circumcision, vaccinations, organic foods, childhood illnesses, home birth, ear infections, parenting teens, web site information, midwifery, and homeopathy.

Mothering is a family. We have an independent editorial spirit unmatched in the industry and a readership that is unmatched in responsiveness. Readers who read Mothering share many of the same values. Nowhere else will you find such proactive, passionate, and highly educated readers. In the pages of Mothering you will find an environment of credibility, trust, and authority.
Unfortunately, Peggy and I have not yet had the chance to finish up with our interview. But, I wanted to post this giveaway in order to keep in our timeline - so please be keeping an eye open for her interview at a later date!

If you have never read Mothering, you are missing out! Thank you, again, Peggy, and all of Mothering Magazine, for your donation!


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Happy entering!!!


Kelly said...

'Not the Kind of House for a Home Birth' I just had a friend of mine say this, and it seemed so odd to me. This article was a great explanation of one's feelings about the state of their home in regard to birth and birth attendants, and how to get over it and make it work. I sent her the link.

Kelly said...

Sorry, here's the link to the article

And I 'liked' Mothering of FB.

Valerie said...


"Breastfeeding Miracle" is the title of the article I found to be insprational. I am only the mother of one, but knowing what this amazing mom was able to do helped me to know that anything is possible as long as you have the determination to stick with it, in spite of what others (including professionals) might say. I actually originally read this in the copy of Mothering that my midwives gave me at my first prenatal visit with them.

Link to the give away on my FB page:

I "liked" them on FB a long time ago! :o)

And I just signed up for their newsletter! Thanks for telling me they had one, I didn't know before and now I seriously look foward to reading it!!!

Charis said...

I LOVED reading "A Homebirth with the Terminator" while I was pregnant. The Sarah Connor, warrior-woman icon was what I needed!


Charis said...

And I'm a FB fan of Mothering

Charis said...

I am a FB fan

Charis said...

And I'm an EB entry...

Did i have to leave separate comments for each entry. I'm such a nerd. :/

Krystel said...

My favorite Mothering article is their one about breastfeeding in Mongolia. But since it's not online, I'll go with another great article on Breastfeeding: "One Breast is Enough" about a woman who was able to successfully tandem nurse her children as well as nurse twins (!!) with just one breast. Amazing. I love it because it's incredible inspiration for any mother worrying whether she will be able to produce enough milk. I also love the author's experience that after a supportive homebirth (versus her first hospital birth), she felt much more empowered and trusting of her body's ability to feed her babies. I don't think the place matters as much as the supportive atmosphere and the help women receive to believe in themselves. http://mothering.com/breastfeeding/one-breast-enough

Charis said...

And... I signed up for their newsletter.

(just looked up. I did have to enter each one. Thanks!)

Krystel said...

I have also "liked" Mothering on Facebook.

Krystel said...

Here's a link to my update on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10401842

Krystel said...

And I subscribed to their newsletter.

Emily, Anthro Doula said...

EB entry - posted on my facebook about initial giveaway

Emily, Anthro Doula said...

Like on Facebook!

Emily, Anthro Doula said...

I like seeing what articles the others above me liked! I'm going to check them out now...

I like Let the Baby Decide: the Case Against Inducing Labor


Its good to see a main-stream magazine telling this to moms, and discussing the cultural aspects as well.

MamaVee said...

Subscribed to newsletter

MamaVee said...

"liked" on facebook!

MamaVee said...

I have sent the "Indiscreet Breastfeeding Manifesto" to many new moms who have expressed difficulty in being "discreet" when breastfeeding in public. I really loved the article!

Silvia said...

I "like" Mothering on FB :)

Emily, Anthro Doula said...

Blogged about this giveaway on my blog today! http://anthrodoula.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Really like and related to this article: http://mothering.com/bashful-brazen-indiscreet-breastfeeders-manifesto.

Mothering is a great resource.

Ryan and Sandra said...

Thanks for doing these interviews; I've been learning a lot :)

I'd love to win a year of "Mothering"--though I'm still not a mother, I love the magazine and it's one of only 2 that ever tempt me when I have the opportunity to buy a magazine!

Today, I found this article:

Which seemed like a good encouragement to me as someone who desperately wants to enter the season of mothering little ones but keeps seeing it pushed back due to so many factors. And then, after all, who knows? Maybe we won't even be able to have biological children. No reason to suspect that, but I just hate 'putting it off'. Then again, it's God who opens and closes wombs. So I trust Him. :)

Michelle @ Knitted Together said...

Liked on Facebook
Article: Postpartum Pads
Subscribed to Newsletter
EB Entry


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