Int'l Doula Month - Giveaway #14

I found the most adorable hats on etsy. No really, I did! Kate of Knit Schmidt makes the most adorable baby hats I have found, and she has gratefully donated a Lil Nipper hat for our giveaway this month!

It's JUST a BOOB people! And now it's 100% cotton!

A wise woman (see http://thecoffeebra.etsy.com) once said to me "you need more boob in your shop." We had a good laugh, then realized that it may not be such a bad idea after all.

You see, we're both moms of young children, recently out of the newborn trenches and veterans of nursing in public. For the most part, people are understanding because, after all, a baby needs to eat and when they're hungry they're HUNGRY! But then you get the not so understanding people. "That's disgusting." "Cover up!' "Couldn't you do that somewhere else?" At some point, every nursing mother wants to scream "it's JUST a BOOB people!"

And now you can say it with a smile. And a giggle.

Introducing...The Original La Leche Lid Little Nipper. A 100% silky soft cotton baby cap. Pop it on baby at feeding time to keep that noggin warm and let it all hang out. After lunch, it's simply a cozy fashion statement. Warm enough for colder climates, light enough to take off the chill in air conditioned spaces without overheating baby. A neutral beige "breast" is topped off with a rosy pink "nipple" ~ other sizes and skin tones available upon request! Knitted in the round for a completely seamless finish. Sized to fit the tiniest newborn.
Kate definitely has a sense of humor... and style! So, I recommend that you take a moment to get to know this mama and take a look at her gorgeous goods!

Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm a "stay at home" mom of 3, ages 2, 6, and 9. I'm rarely "at home," but rather spend most of my time in the car and at kids activities. I knit to pass the time. I knit a lot!
How did you get into this line of work (i.e. why did you start knitting boobs for baby heads?):
I learned to knit from my Grandma when I was little...6 or 7. Then put it down and didn't pick it up again until I was pregnant with my first child at 24. When my second was born, I became obsessed with making hats. They're just fun!

The Little Nipper started out as a late night conversation between a friend and I and she jokingly told me that to boost sales I needed "more boob" in my shop. But the more we thought about it it seemed like there might be a good idea in there somewhere. At the time we were both moms of 3 year old's but remembered not that long ago being nursing moms. For all of the people out there that are accepting of breastfeeding in public, there are always a couple that think it's inappropriate. I thought a little newborn breast hat would send a fairly straight forward, if a bit tongue in cheek, message that "hey, it's JUST a BOOB, people!"
What makes your heart skip a beat, hold your breath, or sigh with happiness:
2 things...Baby belly laughs! They're the best, 100% pure joy. I will tickle my toddler without mercy to hear those laughs. And the ocean. The smell, the sound, it's my happy place that I rarely get to, living in Colorado.
If you had to choose one item that you sell, what is your favorite and why:
That's like asking me which of my kids is my favorite! They all have a special place. I really enjoy making my flowered hats (such as Rosy Posy and Cocoa Bouquet) because of the endless color possibilities they hold. They're fun to knit too. My Who Hats and The Little Nipper are like my comfort food. I could knit those with my eyes closed. My favorite knits are custom orders though. I like being able to work with someone to put together something new and unique and truly special.
When you think of a doula, what do you think:
calm, comfort, support
Consequentially, what do you think of birth practices in the U.S. right now:
This is a tough one for me, and I know it can be such a hot button topic. I have a slightly different perspective on it than some. I didn't have typical pregnancies. We had a very difficult time conceiving and had several losses before having a successful pregnancy. So for ME, I was less concerned with how the baby got out than I was just having a healthy baby. We needed medical intervention to get pregnant, so I was prepared for medical intervention to give birth if necessary. I felt that the key was finding a caregiver that I trusted 100% to do what was best for me, but wouldn't push me beyond my own comfort zone unless it was absolutely necessary. By the time we had our first child, I already had a very comfortable, trusting relationship with my caregiver. But I know that others don't necessarily share my views or ideals, and I'm glad we live in a country where there are options for everyone.
Anything Else that you would like us to know about you:
On the rare occasion I'm not running kids around or knitting, I like to bake, have shopping and cheesecake dates with the moms of coloradomoms and I'm a huge...HUGE...lacrosse fan (Go Mammoth!) ;)
You can find Kate on on Etsy, FaceBook, Twitter, and at a local Mom Group Blog. Thanks, Kate, for your fun donation!


Remember, EACH OF THESE count as one entry. You have to complete the first entry to be able to be able to have the other entries counted. To have them counted as one entry each, they must each be fulfilled with their own, separate, comment. Be sure that your comment contains your email either in the body of the message, or through your profile.
  • For your initial entry, you must visit her etsy store, then come back and let me know which item is your favorite in their store.
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Entries will be closed on May 29th, at midnight, and the drawing will occur on May 31st, at noon.

Happy entering!!!


Ashley said...

I am madly in lobe with the boob hat! Madly.

Ashley said...

I blogged about your give away here:


KBH said...

I really like the Just Duckie Billed Hat! It's soooo cute!
here's my email: katilee_08@hotmail.com

I'm going to link your blog to mine if that is okay with you!!!

MamaVee said...

The boob is is most definitely my favourite item in her store!

MamaVee said...

"liked" on facebook

MamaVee said...

followed on twitter

Kim said...

I love love love the hairy eyeball hat :)

Kim said...

and posted the giveaway on FB: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=12196689&id=610635003#!/kimschell

Kim said...

I liked her on facebook :)


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