May is International Doula Month

I am so excited! Next month, the month of May, is International Doula Month - a time to raise awareness of these wonderful women and the role they play, a time to show your appreciation for those doulas who have attended you, or to show appreciation for those doulas whom you work with on a regular basis.

For this reason, I am hosting an amazing, 2 week long, giveaway extravaganza. This giveaway is open to:
  • Doulas
  • Women who have had/have a doula whom they want to show appreciation by winning a gift for them
  • Professionals who work with doulas whom they would like to show appreciation by winning a gift for them
If you fall into one of these categories, then, in the first two weeks of May, be sure to check on this blog for numerous chances to win. AND, in the spirit of giveaways, please feel free to take advantage of these three ‘early bird’ entries...

The three early bird entries are simple:
  • Post on your Facebook wall, with a link back for my blog, talking about the upcoming giveaway, then comment below... 1 early bird entry to be redeemed at your discretion (further details will follow)
  • Post on your own blog, with a link back to my blog, talking about the upcoming giveaway, then comment below with a copy of your posts link location... 1 early bird entry to be redeemed at your discretion (further details will follow)
  • Email me at deelahthedoula (at) gmail.com (if you are a mama) your birth story with your doula or (if you are a doula) a birth story from one of your clients, then comment below. I will post the story you share sometime in the week of May... 1 early birth entry to be redeemed at your discretion (further details will follow)
Please note, you must submit a separate comment for each early bird entry for each to be counted.

The early bird entries will close on April 30th at 11:59pm Pacific.

We will have a total of 13 different vendors giving some awesome, birthy stuff away, so be sure to check back in the first two weeks of May for these great items! We will have magazine subscriptions, slings, balms, Doula bag accessories, Doula accessories, and more!

I am looking forward to gifting back to all of you wonderful doulas out there, and remember, mamas and professionals, hug your doula!


mamaloo said...

Am I first?!


I'm a doula in Hamilton Ontario and I LOVE my job.

I shared your link with Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/posted.php?id=52406988856&share_id=121089984570437&comments=1#s121089984570437

Anonymous said...

posted on facebook.

clumsyraine said...

I am pregnant with my first, and I hope to be able to hire a doula... I posted about your giveaway on my facebook! clumsyraine at gmail dot com

Lisa Mackell said...

I'm a doula in Edmonton who LOVES her job. Best job after motherhood!

Posted a link on my FB page.


Michelle Howell said...

Posted on facebook. Michelle Johnson Howell

Michelle Howell said...

I have sent two of my own birth stories one with a doula and one without. And will also be sending the birth story of my first client as a doula!

Michelle Howell said...

Posting on Blog too!

Lindsay said...

I'm so excited about this!! I posted a link on my facebook. Hopeing I win something!!

Charis said...

Facebook-er, Doula in Jackson, MS

charis delatte
charisdelatte {at} gmail {dot} com


Lindsay said...

I just spread the word about your giveaway by updating my blog: www.bornmama.blogspot.com

Briana Mager said...

Posted on Facebook,



Kim said...

I also posted on my blog :)


Kim said...

I posted on Facebook :) (And, oddly, I know your first commenter. We met briefly once and I know many people who know and love her!)

Kirsten Brooks said...

Posted on my FB!
Kirsten Brooks

About to send my fabulous VBAC story with the World's Greatest Doula by my side!

Anonymous said...

Neonta Sittinghawk-Scofield
Posted on my FB,

I was blessed with 2 wonderful doula's with my last pregnancy! One antepartum and one birth. They made a very challenging high risk pregnancy as easy as it could be.

Dorothee said...

I am a Doula from Germany, Ruhrarea.

Posted a link on my FB Page.

I hope we will have a great awareness for doulas over here.

Sprouting Wellness said...

Hi Nicole!
I am a preconception, prenatal, postnatal health coach and yoga instructor....and a newly trained doula. I actually just sited you and your blog in my own blog recently:


Thanks for all of your posts, I love your blog <3

Emily said...

Hooray for Doula Appreciate Month!

I posted it a link on my facebook doula business fan page!

Allie said...

I made a post on my FB wall :)

So excited about this awesome event!

Sara said...

I posted on my FB!

"May is Doula Appreciation month so check out this blog and win a gift for yours!" *Link followed*

warriorprincess said...

Blog post made!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this month for doulas exists! I think they are so important to so many women! For me I felt I needed one as a first time single mama to be with no support from my babys father or my own family. I really don't want to do this alone so I'm glad I could find a doula willing to help me out for an exchange/barter instead of money that I just don't have. I'd love to win something nice for her if I can.

I posted a link on my facebook page and will my friends about this blog as well!

Nicole D said...

Anon -

Be sure to give us your name/email so I can let you know if you win. :)

CNH said...

I posted a link on my FB (and I made that link public so you can see because my page is private)


What an awesome idea! I loved my doulas and I am a doula myself, though I mostly only shoot professional birth photography these days. :)

Anonymous said...

I was Anon who posted at 28/4/10! For some reason I don't have an account here anymore and don't know how to make it show as me! lol

I'm Michelle and my e-mail address is lg4l@hotmail.com

omahadoulamom said...

I posted a link on my facebook for all my doula friends to see and everyone else too!! I am also following your blog now and will be posting a link on my blog!

omahadoulamom said...

I also linked to my blog...www.omahadoulamom.blogspot.com !! I just need to send in my birth story now!

Kristen said...

Here is my blog post

Kristen said...

Also posted on facebook

Terra Jones said...

I emailed you a copy of my VBAC story (w/ 2 doulas) and posted about this on my blog here: http://musings.thejonesjourney.com/?p=471


Christi said...

I posted your link on our facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=321014520723#!/birthinsight

Paula said...

I posted your link to my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Orofino-ID/Pleasant-Birth-Doula/414730930277?ref=ts


Mother & Child Doula Care said...

I'm following you on Twitter and I posted a link to your blog on Twitter and on my FB page. ;)

Mother & Child Doula Care said...

oh and I am following your blog too. I'm a new doula and love reading others birth stories and experiences. Thanks!

birthrite doula said...

Love your blog!1 I'm a doula (new)in Utah. I posted to FB and my blog!! Happy birthing!

Anonymous said...



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