Hospital to Home - Childbirth at Home on the Rise

"The fact that it's primarily women who had kids before and had birth in hospitals before, certainly suggests it's a reaction to their prior birth," said Eugene Declercq, a professor of community health sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health, and a author of the study. "It certainly suggests it's an experience they don't want to repeat."

ABC reports on a recent study published by the CDC showing that there is a small, but steady, increase in the number of American women opting for a homebirth over a hospital birth.

I was reading through the report and loved how thorough it was in showing the demographics, geographics, and selective characteristics of this study and where the most change is occuring. I am happy, as an advocate of women's choice in place of birth, it is good to see the 'concrete' evidence of what we, in the childbirth industry, have been seeing - women are learning of their options and are becoming proactive about their healthcare -making the choices best suited to them and their situations.

If you are a woman who had a hospital birth (regardless of mode of delivery) and have then opted for a homebirth in subsequent births, I would love to hear your comparison birth stories and reasons for these choices. If you want, email them to me (check my profile).

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