Lessons in Birth

There is a great post over at Stand and Deliver about the complexity of birth, birth trauma, and lessons learned.. that got me to thinking, what lessons have I learned from my birth? I know that I have learned lessons, I have seen my strengths, but I have never really articulated them... so, I would like to invite you all to add your "lessons learned" from your birth experiences.

Birth #1:
Scars heal
There is a Blessing at the end of every hard journey
I am strong
I am resilient
I am bendable
It's not about me
Life is only a breath away from death

Birth #2:
Plans can change, and so can I
Some things that are a pain in my butt can bring the greatest rewards
Nothing can accomplish more than patience
I don't always have to DO something to ACHIEVE something
I have strong arms

Birth #3/#4:
Doctors are not Devils
Getting results faster is not always best
Words can hurt
Words can heal
I can run that extra mile if I really try
I can be gentle in the midst of a storm
A word of good intentions without thought can hurt more than a malicious and intentional act
My body is stronger than medicine
My mind is stronger than my body

Birth #5:
I am not in control
I can use a little more patience
Soft words turn away wrath
Loud is ok
Crying is ok
Hard work doesn't have to hurt
Joy is immediate
Inhibitions inhibit me
Time heals
children make everything softer
warm baths fix everything
affectionate touch is better than any lip service
Sometimes even I need help, and that's ok


Sheridan said...

Here is my response.

Nicole D said...

Some friends from facebook share:

Gina - "That no matter how hard it is..all is forgotten when you hear your little is coming. Huge incentive to keep pushing through. To hear your little one cry and know you can calm him or her down..all is worth it."

Colleen Curry, Doula - "You are NOT in charge, but some confidence, a good education, and good support can make even the scariest of events blissfully fulfilling."

Susan "BIG lesson for me : Things will not always go as I had hoped or planned- but that's not necessarily the end of the world :)"

Mrs. Addison said...

What a great post! :)
For mine I would say, with birth one I learned that I DO have a say in what happens and to not let people push me around.
For birth two, I would say that anything to do with baby often does NOT go according to our plans (haha) but that does not mean we can't go ahead & plan and have things as much our way as possible. I also learned that I do have the strength to accomplish what I set out to do.


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